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The ScotchGreens - Drawdotdotdot
artworkThe ScotchGreens merge punk roots and cactus juice to come up with an infectious blend of arroyo drifter rockin' sounds. Their press release sites a cross between Johhny Cash and Motorhead, but I think it's a lot closer to the Sadies and the Dead Kennedys. Two fine instros are here, one at the top, and another at the bottom. The musicianship is quite good. With vocal titles like "The Bitch" and "Drink, Smoke, Fish," you might guess at their punk roots. Quite a fine CD.
Picks: Saddle Sore, Tarantula

Track by Track Review

Saddle Sore dotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

Fluid cowboy based melodic guitar instrumental rockin' stuff, beginning from a slow burn to a fast ride through the cacti. Lotsa yee-haws, and really good playing. Quite cool and infectious.

Tarantula dotdotdot
Hairy Spider Surf (Instrumental)

This is a ridin' fool of an instro, with a speedy Shakin' Apostles feel and a real sense of open range air. The riff is infectious and the playing rock-solid. It's fast and very fun. Spider rock for a new desert.