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Mitch Schecter - Cooldotdotdot
artworkMitch obviously spent a lot of time on production, and that is what holds this above the so many solo projects. I like Mitch, and I found this release to be solid considering he pays all instruments. It's extremely difficult to develop chemistry with yourself. Mitch's exceptional meter and the use of one sampled drum triggered by his sticks led me to think this was based around drum machines, but Mitch says not. He's spent ages practicing against a metronome. So, lots of precision, and lots of modern instrumental guitar sounds for your consideration. Not traditional, and more rock than surf, but worth checking out.
Picks: Follow The Arrow, Undercurrent, Surfer's Lament, West Side Cool, Acoustic Mist, Deep Sea Surf

Track by Track Review

Follow The Arrow dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

A sort of psychedelic backwards flute-like sound opens. Precision drums provide a beat beneath a very cool melody. The song is nicely written and played, and is an interesting composition. Intended as a nod to Davie Allan, i think it falls short there. The melody doesn't seem to me to be very Davie Allan-ish, and the lead guitar is really not in Davie's sonic envelope because the fuzz guitar is so subdued, the distortion nowhere near dirty enough, and the playing not intense enough. Yet, if you weren't expecting Davie Allan's intensity, "Follow The Arrow" is a good listen.

Undercurrent dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Undercurrent" is a straight rock instro with a circular melody line and rock tonality. It's a pretty instro, but the riff just doesn't change enough to keep my interest.

Surfer's Lament dotdotdot
Prog Surf (Instrumental)

"Surfer's Lament" is a slow and moody number with haunting delay on the guitar. Its island imagery is persuasive, bringing forth a stormy lagoon. The melody repeats for a very long time. It makes for a good mood piece, but didn't hold my attention as a main focus at all. Part of this is its structure, which seems to me to be from an almost prog point of view.

West Side Cool dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

"West Side Cool" is an experiment in covering Leonard Bernstein's "West Side Story." It displays some interesting arranging ideas, and the lines from "America" add interest. It's sophisticated and sort of orchestral in nature.

Acoustic Mist dotdotdot
Acoustic Psychedelia (Instrumental)

"Acoustic Mist" is a lovely excursion in acoustic guitar and spatial ambiance, with really nice playing and a relaxed feeling. Beautiful as a backdrop, fluid and gentle, the song connects in many ways, and in the end feels like a psych-era composition.

Deep Sea Surf dotdotdotdot
Surfadelic (Instrumental)

"Deep Sea Surf" has a great rhythm, moody feeling, and cool ambiance. There's much more power and edge here than the rest of the tracks in this set. It's a really nice piece of music, and the playing is very strong. The song works really well!