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Scenic - Sagedot
artworkAfter reading several positive reviews on Cowabunga about this band, and getting a recommendation from Allen Whitman (Mermen), I thought I'd better check 'em out, even though I'd also been warned that I would like 'em. Alas, I am sad to report that the doomsayers were right. I found this stuff to be exceedingly boring noodlage, waiting for some folk singer to come along and front the band. I don't mean to be cruel, but I have no tolerance for music of any genre that doesn't go anywhere, and even less for background music. So, at the risk of offending, here are my unvarnished opinions.
Picks: Sage, Another Way, The Kelso Run, East Mojave Shuffle, Down Black Canyon Road

Track by Track Review

Sage dotdot
Ambient Atmospheric Desert (Instrumental)

Little more than music for a neighbor's croissant party. It doesn't go anywhere.

Another Way dotdot
Ambient Atmospheric Desert (Instrumental)

Even less interesting than "Sage."

The Kelso Run dotdot
Ambient Atmospheric Desert (Instrumental)

What's this, a bit of pace? It sounds like a back track waiting for a vocal to come along and save it. Incidental music at best.

East Mojave Shuffle dotdot
Ambient Atmospheric Desert (Instrumental)

Acoustic guitar and not much happening. Hippy sludge prog with no direction and wanting for vocals.

Down Black Canyon Road dotdot
Ambient Atmospheric Desert (Instrumental)

Real slow and mysterious and, unfortunately, more of the same.