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Santo and Johnny - Hawaiidotdotdot
artworkThis is mostly a Don Ho kinda album, fluff for the tourists so to speak. No, there aren't any vocals, but that doesn't make it much better. Just two decent tracks here.
Picks: Adventures In Paradise, Blue Hawaii, Pineapple Princess, Aloha, Reflections, Hawaiian War Chant, Song Of The Islands, Sweet Lelani, Hawaiian Wedding Song, Isle Of Dreams, Now Is The Hour

Track by Track Review

Adventures In Paradise dotdotdot
Steel Guitar TV Theme (Instrumental)

The theme from the short lived TV show set in Tahiti, this is both very pretty and lush, as well as mushed over with the chorus and strings.

Blue Hawaii dotdot
Steel Guitar Elvis (Instrumental)

The chorus and the syrup drip in unison on the floor, while the lap steel oozes in the distance.

Pineapple Princess dotdotdot
Mouseketeer Steel Guitar (Instrumental)

You gotta hear this precious lap steel interpretation of the Annette Funacello hit. It's really cute, funny, serious, and playful. Even the strings are tolerable.

Aloha dotdot
Steel Guitar Oi (Instrumental)

A natural, with a horrid "Dutchman's Gold" chorus. It's only missing Walter Brennan.

Reflections dotdotdot
Steel Guitar (Instrumental)

Really slow and pretty lap steel, very emotionally played.

Hawaiian War Chant dotdotdot
Steel Guitar Polynesian (Instrumental)

Except for the chorus, this is pretty cool, like the Halibuts' version, though with much less edge. The orchestral stuff is a bummer too.

Song Of The Islands dotdotdot
Steel Guitar Polynesian (Instrumental)

Orchestral, elevator mung, sappy sounds, strings, and, oh yes, the lap steel. Don Ho has left the building.

Sweet Lelani dotdotdot
Steel Guitar Polynesian (Instrumental)

Take Bert Kaempfert to the Sandwich Islands and look what happens. Let's hope it's not catching.

Hawaiian Wedding Song dotdotdot
Steel Guitar Silk (Instrumental)

Sweet serenade for those afraid of actually feeling anything beyond the precarious thrills of a romance novel. Too silky for words.

Isle Of Dreams dotdotdot
Steel Guitar hazmat (Instrumental)

Despite the lush and subdued mix, this is actually a very nice track. Sweet lap steel and a tolerable backtrack combine to take you to the edge, right to the stage door through which Lawrence Welk's bubbles create a hazmat emergency in the alley.

Now Is The Hour dotdotdot
Lush Steel Guitar (Instrumental)

It's about time - or not. Spooky chorale mung, and sounds that occupy the space between track 23 and 25.