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Santo and Johnny - Encoredotdot
artworkFive decent tracks, mostly in the style of "Sleep Walk" make this album worth while.
Picks: Over The Rainbow, Lazy Day, Venus, Deep Purple, Prisoner Of Love, You Belong To Me, Annie, Alabamy Bound, The Breeze and I, Tear Drop, Old Man River, Long Walk Home

Track by Track Review

Over The Rainbow dotdot
Steel Guitar Elevator (Instrumental)

Like much too much of Santo and Johnny's later output, this is destined for the Muzak® hall of fame. The lap steel is wonderful of course, but the orchestral accompaniment from the Hutch Davie Orchestra is more than this boy can stand.

Lazy Day dotdotdot
Lap Steel Afternooner (Instrumental)

This aptly titled track has excellent loud lap steel tone, while sporting an overall subdued sound. Melodic and wistful, it floats across a lazy afternoon.

Venus dotdotdot
Lap Steel Pop (Instrumental)

I hate to say it, but this version makes this Frankie Avalon hit palatable. It's a good melody to adapt to the slide, and the arrangement is actually quite nice, despite it's relative tameness.

Deep Purple dot
Lap Steel Pop (Instrumental)

April Stevens and Nino Tempo hit the Billboard charts with this. Their version wasn't any more interesting.

Prisoner Of Love
Lap Steel Syrup (Instrumental)

Oh boy... The chorus just marks this for the scrap heap of history. Egad!

You Belong To Me dotdotdot
Lap Steel Prom (Instrumental)

With less coolness than "Sleep Walk," this nonetheless sports similar magnetism and poise. Darn nice, though certainly slushy.

Annie dotdotdot
Lap Steel Lite (Instrumental)

This is cool. It opens with a dry run through the riff on lap steel only, then studio chatter, and finally the released take. This has been done to death by the MOR acts of the day. It's less chunky than some, more soulful than most, except maybe the Champs. It is also usually titled "Anna." Lightweight.

Alabamy Bound dot
MOR (Instrumental)

One of those old "Orange Blossom Special" kinda train songs, infectiously flying down the tracks until the horrid organ and girls' chorus comes in, applying the shoehorn that eases it into the elevator. Originally released in 1960.

The Breeze and I dot
Steel Guitar Flamenco (Instrumental)

In an almost Martin Denny arrangement marred by nearly obscene choral accompaniment, this drips from the walls of the infirmary like morgue fungus. Exceptional lap steel work over antiquarian fluff.

Tear Drop dotdotdot
Near Surf (Instrumental)

A stylistic followup to "Sleep Walk" that doesn't have the magic, but is pretty and melodic. Originally released in 1963.

Old Man River dotdot
Steel Guitar Cheese Cake (Instrumental)

Oh boy! Here we go again. Flutes, orchestra, fluff everywhere.

Long Walk Home dotdotdot
Steel Guitar Stroll (Instrumental)

Slow and bluesy post meridian stroll with a military snare roll backbeat. It is like an antidote to the hustle of the prom, a prelude to the warm and squishy.