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The Sandals - The Last Of the Ski Bums [Soundtrack]dotdot
artworkThis is the last soundtrack from the Sandals. It sports none of the sounds you might expect from Endless Summer. Some subtle psychedelia, some slushy scene music. There's one vocal here, the Bob Lind-ish "Ski Bum."
Picks: Winter Spell, Children Of The Sun, Agunus Night, Yellow Dove, Soul Something, Coming Down Slow, Summer's Gone, Return From The Casino, Flowers To Dance On, Water And Stone, Porsche

Track by Track Review

Winter Spell dotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

This is one soft more-or-less acoustic number. "Winter Spell" moves very slowly through a gradual progression that's a little moody. Pretty, but unremarkable.

Children Of The Sun dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

"Children Of The Sun" is a slow and almost Andean track with a picturesque and mysterious ambiance. Once the electric guitar comes in, it takes on a semi-psychedelic flavor. Bongos, guitars, and moody scenery.

The other song with this title is the ultra intense monster from the Misunderstood.

Agunus Night dotdot
Guitar (Instrumental)

The Leslie swirls the organ's mood while the bass gurgles a promenade. The electric guitar whines about the night while the organ lays out its churchy chords.

Yellow Dove dotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

"Yellow Dove" seems almost military in structure, with a noodly guitar line that hints of Indians and light drama.

Soul Something dotdotdot
Soul Jam (Instrumental)

"Soul Something" is more a Memphis guitar jam than a song, sounding like a Stax-Volt instro wannabe with creaking hinges.

Coming Down Slow dotdotdot
Soft Psych (Instrumental)

Here we have a frothy soft rock jam in a kind of grooving in your chair style. About a minute-twenty in, it suddenly turns soft psych with haunting slow vibrato. The last two minutes of the song is way more interesting than the beginning. Quite moody.

Summer's Gone dotdot
Soft Rock (Instrumental)

Slow and soft, "Summer's Gone" barely gets off the ground. While it's pretty, it's also a long ways from interesting. About half way in, it gets a bit of electricity, but never really gels.

Return From The Casino dotdotdot
Psychedelic Cavern (Instrumental)

The bongos launch solo for about thirty seconds before some wind and eerie guitar floats in. The almost ghostly distant howls and feedback create the illusion of being in a cavernous underground chamber. A little like Leo Kottke, somewhat psychedelic, brooding and dramatic, "Return From The Casino" builds to a nervous crescendo before returning to the vibrato howl. Quite cool! The last forty-five seconds or so is a psych swirl of guitar jam and chop.

Flowers To Dance On dotdotdot
Post Surf (Instrumental)

The Leslie guitar plays a fluid melody that's more like the Sandals of old. Hints of film drama and flights of fancy float on this Gaston Georis composition. Nice.

Water And Stone dotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

"Water And Stone" is a soft acoustic piece that's pretty enough. Then, as the drums come in and the guitar climbs a bit, it takes on a more arty sound. A great composition, with an interesting flow.

Porsche dotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

A little jazzy, a little Latin, this seems like a bouncy and fun tune for the back-"Porsche"-majority. The "Eleanor Rigby" influences are juxtaposed against a post hippie California air.