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The Sandals - Silvertonedotdotdot
artworkA whole new bag for the Georis brothers and John Blakeley, those original kingpins of surf film scores. Their legacy aside, this is a very pretty CD, acoustic for the most part, and very well written.

In some ways, it's like new age for Spanish coastline, but that';s really not all there is. Don't expect a new "TR-6" or an "Endless Summer." This is nothing like the Sandals of old. No amps, no reverb, no hard driving tunes, and little surf imagery. Just sit back and take in the softness and beauty of the music. Five vocals are also on the disc.
Picks: Oasis, Secret Garden, Tradewinds, Gypsy Moods, Oriental Sunset, Lorena's Dance, Pachamama, Bolero, Warm Winds, Dreams

Track by Track Review

Oasis dotdotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

Soft acoustic guitar and a nicely understated rhythm track deliver a very pretty melody. Spanish, a little sad, and reserved without being able to fade into the backdrop. "Oasis" really grows on you. What a great surf instro this would make.

Secret Garden dotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

"Secret Garden" is very slow and pretty, and in a romantic vein. A little misty, perhaps moody, it floats across the bay like a gentle giant, sad from rejection by the cool kids. Beautiful.

Tradewinds dotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

A bit of jangle, a slice of marimba pie, and summer afternoon rain. Not sleepy, but decidedly restful and melodic. A fine melody line.

Gypsy Moods dotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

The title tells the tale. Beautiful gypsy themes and soft breezy afternoons in hammocks. very pretty tune.

Oriental Sunset dotdotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

Vibrato guitar, grungy bass lines, soft drums, and a fine acoustic guitar leading the song. "Oriental Sunset" moves between adult contemporary and the liquid seas. Gorgeous.

Lorena's Dance dotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

Sub tango guitar provides a grand Spanish theme, imaging black lace and roses on soft evenings. Very nice track.

Pachamama dotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

Floating on wispy clouds of keys and whispers, "Pachamama" rises slowly from mist to exotic rhythms and distant notes. Once in view, the saucy sax emotes subtle passions. Some electric guitar lines hint of the water, as do the occasional double picked flourished on the acoustic. Very pretty.

Bolero dotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

This is an original in the emotional canyon that is "Bolero." Sad and pretty, and from the heart.

Warm Winds dotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

The title aptly describes the breezy nature of this song. Fluid and floating across the bay at Playa Ropa. Softly intriguing.

Dreams dotdotdot
Acoustic (Instrumental)

Distant reverb creates a spatial effect, while the guitar gently riffs. The track evolves as it unfolds. It reminds me a bit of Charles Lloyd.