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The Sadies - Stories Often Tolddotdotdotdot
artworkThe Sadies get more polished and fluid as time goes on. Their melody lines have become virtually liquid, and their use of sound and texture quite sophisticated, yet the music remains simple and honest. Another fine release!
Picks: Lay Your Guns Down, A#1, Mile Over Mecca, Monkey and Cork

Track by Track Review

Lay Your Guns Down dotdotdotdotdot
Country Surf (Instrumental)

This is a tasteful spaghetti western instro with great drums and some fine double picking. Lots of spunk and cactus smells emanate from "Lay Your Guns Down." A great track!

A#1 dotdotdot
Country (Instrumental)

"A#1" is a haunting instro with distant terror and lumbering twang. Sad and moody, it floats on a country twang towards an eerie fate. Like a film score, it has a high emotional content and lots of drama.

Mile Over Mecca dotdotdot
Exotic Dirge (Instrumental)

Slow and spooky, "Mile Over Mecca" is foreboding and forlorned. Its ghostly wash of ambient reverb and mariachi chorus give it a chilling sound and funeral feel. Quite dramatic.

Monkey and Cork dotdotdotdot
Country Surf (Instrumental)

The Sadies step up to a frothy countrified twangster with an undulating rhythm and circular melody, and occasional surf tone. Simple and very catchy!