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Sade - Love Deluxedotdotdot
artworkWhat? Sade!!! You MUST be kidding! Well, yes... and no. Ferenc Dobronyi of Pollo Del Mar sent me an email exclaiming utter disbelief about this song I just had to hear... He was as dumbfounded by what he heard on this 1992 CD, as was I by the artist that it's credited to... Sade, the torch singer... Now, there are no vocals on this tune, and the studio musicians are uncredited, so I have no idea who's playing, but the writers are listed as Hale / Adu / Mathewman / Denman. It's a very soft late night tropical lagoon kinda track, but aquatic and ripe for conversion to reverb-land.
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Mermaid dotdotdot
MOR Surf (Instrumental)

The sea gently laps the shore, guitar and bass circle slowly in a watery swirl... keys and heavy soft rock production issue a very scenic vision of night on a quiet lagoon somewhere in the tropics. While quite far into MOR territory, this moody piece is also itching for a real surf treatment.