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Ruthie and the Wranglers - Somedaydotdotdot
artworkAside from the spunky country surf coolness of "Revenge of Surftilicus" (which is why this CD is reviewed on Reverb Central), what I like about this CD is the honest country feel of it. All too many country artists are Nashville oriented, which usually means shirt 'n' tie artificial or MTV wannabe instead of genuine country music. Ruthie (Logsdon) and the Wranglers present the real McCoy with original songs from the heart. Titles like "I'm Not Your Doormat" and "For Cryin' Out Loud" tell the tale.
Picks: Revenge of Surftilicus, Cat Walk

Track by Track Review

Revenge of Surftilicus dotdotdotdot
Country Surf (Instrumental)

A tribal surf beat launches "Revenge of Surftilicus." The country-surf guitar lines play a fine surf melody, with some lines double picked from the wrist, some played open. Chants of "oo" "ah" "oo" bring a bit of a jungle feel to this cool instro. Bouncy and coastal, it has a happy and adventurous sound to it, as well as well thought out production. A little like a cross between Big Guitars From Texas and the Shakin' Apostles, this warm twangster is a great surf adventure.

Cat Walk dotdotdot
Dockside Guitar (Instrumental)

"Cat Walk" is a slow and sinewy instrumental with a melody line influenced by the dockside moodiness of Earl Hagen. Long floating notes portray a mournful scene of broken hearted departure. It's quite an emotional track.