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The Dan Rumour Band - DRBdotdotdotdot
artworkThe Dan Rumour Band plays what you might call soft surf. The songs are relaxed and lovely, with strong emotional connections and flowing panoramic vision. Dan Rumour is the guitarist who created the sound of Australia's Cruel Sea. You may know that the Sea began as an instrumental band, which make's his new band an obvious journey home. In addition to Dan Rumour, the band includes ex-Cruel Sea member Jim Elliot , and former Wild Pumpkins At Midnight players Michael Turner and Nick Larkins. Rumour's roots are in the instrumentals of Australia's surf and rock scene of the sixties. This is a lovely CD of beautiful guitar music that emotes images of lagoons and gentle rain and sunshine.
Picks: Sundowner, Seem's Twice '05, Get Up, Sugar, The 13th Hat, Saille, Playtime, Navigate, Four '05, F-100, Unwind, Sly Din '05, Shadder '05, Drivin' Home

Track by Track Review

Sundowner dotdotdotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

What a lovely and flowing piece of music. "Sundowner" moves at a relaxed pace, and is very well mixed. The dual leads used in some passages create depth and delicacy that add to the panoramic beauty. The verse-to-verse arrangement changes give it an epic tale quality as well. Really nice!

Seem's Twice '05 dotdotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

With the feel of a light tropical rain, and delicate dual guitar balance, "Seem's Twice '05" is like a feather weight funk groove for a sunny afternoon. The sense of surreal escape is enhanced by the phone ringing in the distance and the haunted organ.

Get Up dotdotdotdot
Reggae Surf (Instrumental)

"Get Up" is a slightly reggae number that's more of a progressional journey than a melodic song. It's gentle, relaxing, and engaging. It's lack of direction seems like an intentional element used to give it a timeless carefree feel. This is a lovely and fanciful track.

Sugar dotdotdot
Reggae Surf (Instrumental)

"Sugar" is a more overtly reggae instro, with a great deal of the feeling and structure of simplified reggae where overproduction hasn't replaced structure. Not really melodic, but fluid and emotionally relaxed.

The 13th Hat dotdotdotdot
Reggae Surf (Instrumental)

There's a kind of "On Broadway" feeling to this liquid and light instro. Its surf-reggae fusion carries if through with a lovely backdrop to a rainy afternoon style. The island guitar lines are really cool.

Saille dotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

On the island side of things, "Saille" is a slow and romantic song with a vacation sunset view lined with palm trees and glistening waves. It's a beautiful track with a very cool emotional hook.

Playtime dotdotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

"Playtime" is a somewhat funky track with a sort of Stax session feeling. Imagine Booker T & the MG's grooving where they could see and smell the Great Barrier Reef on a sunny midsummer afternoon. The word that comes to mind is pleasant, but it's much more soulful than that. Very cool!

Navigate dotdotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

Verging on aggressive, the loveliness of "Navigate" is spiced with a moderate pace and a grin. Its slide guitar lines and round tone ride nicely above a percussive rhythm track that suggest suburban tropics. This really grows on you over the course of listening.

Four '05 dotdotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

In a rich soup of panoramic delays and spatial reverb, "Four '05" conveys a sense of adventure and play. The tropical coolness and sunny warmth couple nicely with the combo soul groove elements to create a vision of islands and lovely glassy tubes. Superb.

F-100 dotdotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

Soulful and funky, like a tropical surf reinvention of the Stax house band on vacation, "F-100" is the kind of progressional piece that gets you traveling with it without choice, yet loving it at every turn. This is really hard not to like. The break guitar lines are powerful against the island gentility of the rest of the track. The rhythm track is a flawless thing of simple beauty that is the very key element here.

Unwind dotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

Acoustic guitar, gentle tones, very cool bass lines, and grin-bearing percussion give this the kind of backdrop to a long surfride feel that surf video's use so effectively. Way fun.

Sly Din '05 dotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

With a funky grin, the kind of grin that a slowed down Travis Wammack might bring on, is an unavoidable sidebar to "Sly Din '05." Its gentle guitar exercises and bass-heavy soul are well balanced and liquid.

Shadder '05 dotdotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

"Shadder" is a very spatial piece of music that's lushly visual. It invokes a gentle rain on a lagoon, a slightly sad feeling with a sense of being cleansed by the rain. The melody is so very gentle and peaceful. Wonderful!

Drivin' Home dotdotdot
Soft Surf (Instrumental)

This very slow song is drowsy, but not asleep. Slide guitar, a snail's pace, haunted keys, and very round bass move it along that lonely journey home. It's quite nice.