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The Royal Teens - Let's Rock
Picks: Planet Rock, Royal Blue, Royal Twist, I'll Love You (Til The End Of Time)

Track by Track Review

Mad Gass dotdot
Rock'n'Roll (Instrumental)

Inspired by the Wailers, "Tall Cool One" or "Mau Mau," but not as cool.

Planet Rock dotdotdot
Rock'n'Roll (Instrumental)

Echoed drums and rockin' piano romp through a sax and guitar jiver. In some ways, it seems fresh off big band, which is as it should be for fifties rockabilly given its roots and influences. Way fun!

Royal Blue dotdotdot
Rock'n'Roll (Instrumental)

"Royal Blue" has a gutty guitar sound, with low down sax. This may be fairly simple and even not very adventurous for the period, but it stands up really well, and stands the test of time. Cool for cats primitive rock'n'roll.

Royal Twist dotdotdot
Rock'n'Roll (Instrumental)

Raw rockin' stuff with Jerry Lee Lewis piano glissandos and lots of spunk. The period is very real in this track. "Royal Twist" is interesting in part because it has a structure not unlike The Royaltones, and is titled as they might.

I'll Love You (Til The End Of Time) dotdotdot
Rock'n'Roll (Instrumental)

This is a backtrack, but it's strong enough to stand alone in a Royaltones sort of way. It straddles "Poor Boy" and The Pastel Six's "Cinnamon Cinder." Not as strong as either, but darn cool anyway.