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The Royal Fingers - Wild Eleki Deluxedotdotdot
artworkThin lo-fi mono sound muffle the power while delivering the fire of the band. I'll bet they rock live.
Picks: Go Royal Fingers Go, Blue Jean No. 1, Black Sand Beach, Bonneville, Hey Chance, Golden Guitar, Ace Of Toyota, Running Donkey, Point Panic, Violet Sky, Test Driver, West Side Guitar, Wild Datsun, Burning 240Z, Crazy Sue Sax, Ajoen Ajoen, The L.A., Echo Rocket 66

Track by Track Review

Go Royal Fingers Go dotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

Hard drivin' riff rock with reverb and edgie sound. Big twang and fiery glissandoes in a fifties format.

Blue Jean No. 1 dotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

Bun bustin' surf riff rock, double picked and supported by swirly organ. Fiery, but really interesting.

Black Sand Beach dotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

This is a harsh cover of Yuzo Kayama and the Launchers' tribute to the Ventures. Lots of fire, plenty of stylin' guitar work. Mostly, it's just a louder more raucous version of the original.

Bonneville dotdotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

This is a pretty cool track. The melody is bouncy and fun, and the spirit of the band very much in the surf groove. Fast and spunky, "Bonneville" crashed and splashes with fire and fine guitar work.

Hey Chance dot
Trash Frat Organ (Instrumental)

Trashy frat rock, with big organ and little going for it.

Golden Guitar dotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

Big twang and string bending, harsh edge and drive. In some ways, a little like Bob Vaught's trashier moments. Not melodic, just edgie.

Ace Of Toyota dotdotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

Much like one of the Boss Martians more fiery tunes, this is infectious and furious. Great surf splashiness and a solid riff. Too much fun to pass up.

Running Donkey dotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

A cowboy bumble bee kinda tune, big trash whoops and hollers, and a tuff rhythm. All that, and it doesn't rise much above a frat exercise.

Point Panic dotdotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

Surfaris' "Point Panic" is trashed to the max, driven hard, and fired at will. Wild abandon is experienced within this pure teenage surf rant.

Violet Sky dotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

This is a nifty cover of Yuzo Kayama and the Launchers' "Violet Sky." Using a rhythm pattern like "Shakin' All Over," "Violet Sky" gradually builds to an oriental theme with exquisite whammy and a colorful feel. This moderately paced cover is mighty cool.

Test Driver dotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

Takeshi Terauchi and Blue Jeans' "Test Driver" is harshly pumped out. I think it loses the charm of the original.

West Side Guitar dotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

An OK cover of Takeshi Terauchi and Blue Jeans' "West Side Guitar." Not particularly interesting.

Wild Datsun dotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

A minimal surf riff drives this track. It's a little too repetitious to hold interest. Not enough variation to keep it afloat.

Burning 240Z dotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

"Burning 240Z" is a fiery original with a big twang sound and a formula construct. An unabashed manic performance.

Crazy Sue Sax dotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

"Big Wipe" Out based frat trash. High spirits don't overcome a lack of writing.

Ajoen Ajoen dotdotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

"Ajoen Ajoen" presents a melodic and infectious sound and beat, with interesting arranging and playing. It has an island feel, and a Ventures influence.

The L.A. dotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

Big twang and a riff. Rhythmic, but not infectious.

Echo Rocket 66 dotdotdotdot
Trash Surf (Instrumental)

Pumping surf, great reverbed lines, and a very interesting structure. It's a little like the Nocturne's "Third Star From The Left." The very cool variations and damped plucking get to your inner core. Excellent track.