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The Royal Knightmares - Surf's Up! Vol. 3: Sounds From The Ocean Sidedotdot
artworkThese Italians don't seem to have a handle on surf instros. It's in the melody guys, not just the rhythms and reverb. Beyond that, the recordings are so bad that you have to be a die-hard surf instro fan to listen, or you have to employ that trash-consciousness you cultivated in the early eighties when it was cool to spit on people at shows. Crap is crap, and these tracks were crappily recorded. However, the first track is quite good, and if the Royal Knightmares can see their way clear of the crap studios and demo mills, maybe they could wow the world after all.
Picks: Sullen Road By The Ocean, Surf Date, Ol' Woody Stomp, Crashin' Wave

Track by Track Review

Sullen Road By The Ocean dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Great moderately paced vibrato tune. Would be great recorded properly in a good studio.

Surf Date dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Surf Date" is a moderately paced Eddie and the Showmen-like song. It's a gentle melodic surf number with ocean sounds featuring nice picking, good interplay between lead and rhythm, and an over all pleasant sound.

Ol' Woody Stomp dot
Surf (Instrumental)

The lead is almost totally lost in the "mix." It's a bit like "Moon Race."

Crashin' Wave dot
Surf (Instrumental)

Just a so-so riff with no direction.