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The Routers - Let's Go! With The Routersdotdot
artworkThe Routers were one of many studio inventions of Producer Joe Saraceno. Aside from their cheerleader anthem "Let's Go!,"

Fans of genre (studio hits) will be glad to finally see these the Routers are of little consequence.

Track by Track Review

Let's Go (Pony) dotdotdot
Cheerleader Rock (Instrumental)

Like many other hits of the day, beginning with Tommy Facenda's "High School USA," through the Beach Boys' "Be True To Your School," this was a cheer leader's dream, a ready made routine for mindless group think chants and clique spirit rallies. "Let's Go (Pony)" uses a simple riff, and an infectious pre-"We Will Rock You" anthemic chant.

Pep Rally dot
Cheerleader Rock (Instrumental)

Continuing with the cheers and the drums beat, the Routers play a riff rock jam in search of a letter sweater. No where near as cool as "Let's Go."

Limbo Rock dot
Cheerleader Rock (Instrumental)

If you remove the party from the Champs, put away the Salsa, and hide the piñata, you might get here, but then again... The shouts are by far the most exciting part of the track.

Grandstand Stomp dot
Cheerleader Rock (Instrumental)

Shouts of "Go Go Go" over a melody free jam does not make a song. Argh!

Bucket Seats dot
Cheerleader Rock (Instrumental)

This is not the Rally Packs' song. Dry thin guitar and that never changing backtrack... no, not a hit.

Half Time dot
Cheerleader Rock (Instrumental)

Tuba rock? marching band meets sweater girl for the anti-popcorn portion of the show. The horn riffs in the middle are liberated from "La Bamba."

Sting Ray dot
Rock (Instrumental)

Aside from the car horn basis of this gimmicky track, there's little to attract the fan of real rock 'n' roll instros or surf here. This was also issued as "Ah-OO-Ga" or some such.

Mating Call dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

A faster beat and a bit of lower register guitar, but a long ways from cool. More chemistry than most here, but it doesn't require repeated listens.

Let's Dance dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Bobby Freeman's high spirited "Let's Dance" is more or less frat party nonsense at the hands of Joe Saraceno. There are a few precision licks from Tommy Tedesco.

Snap Happy dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Snap Happy" is actually a pretty fun track at times. Aside from the one-note jamminess of the main body, its opening riffs and underlying theme is a slight variation on the bass vocal line in the Beach Boys' "Surfin'."

Mashy dot
Rock (Instrumental)

Slightly heavy jam rock... if you never heard this, it wouldn't matter a lick!

Make It Snappy dot
Rock (Instrumental)

Slightly gutty, "Make It Snappy" almost becomes cool. The riff is just a little too simple, but then again, but the break, it deteriorates to just another studio jam.