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The Routers - Charge!dot
artworkThe Routers were one of many studio inventions of Producer Joe Saraceno. Aside from their cheerleader anthem "Let's Go!,"

Fans of genre (studio hits) will be glad to finally see these the Routers are of little consequence. The crew sounds like the usual suspects, Hal Blaine and/or Earl Palmer - drums, Steve Douglas - sax, Tommy Tedesco - guitar, Carol Kay - guitar/bass, and Leon Russell - keys. Either these folks were just having fun, or they'd play on anything for a buck. there is more chemistry on these sessions than most of Saraceno's sessions.
Picks: Charge!, On Wisconsin, Ramblin' Wreck, Anchors Away, Washington and Lee Swing, The Ivy Charge, Buckle Down Winsocki, Illinois Loyalty, Sou'wester, Oh Brave Old Army Team, Victory March, Pep Rally

Track by Track Review

Charge! dotdot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

"Charge!" is a liberal distortion of Johnny Otis' "Willie and the Hand Jive." beyond that link to rockin' sounds, it's just a shallow attempt at recreating the gimmick success of "Let's Go."

On Wisconsin dot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

A horn section and cheers... "On Wisconsin" (on Prancer, on Blitzen...) and cheers of "fight fight fight." Melody free.

Ramblin' Wreck dot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

Not too far from "Hickory Dickory Dock," the Routers make noises that will keep you awake like a bad pizza at 3 am.

Anchors Away dotdot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

Borrowing a few arrangement tricks from Major Lance's "Monkey Time," the Routers employ tasteful vibrato twang on this ancient song.

Washington and Lee Swing dot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

High school marching band standards augmented with handclaps do not make great records. Egads!

The Ivy Charge dot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

More of the same... marching bands on the prowl... this is "Casons Go Rolling Along" all pomped out. Yuk-ola!

Buckle Down Winsocki dot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

For "Buckle Down Winsocki," you need a white turtleneck sweater and pompoms. lacking anything remotely resembling redeeming value, it's just another sojourn into the gimmick factor.

Illinois Loyalty dot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

Rah rah music at it's jingoistic best - in other words, marching band mung.

Sou'wester dotdot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

"Workin' On The Railroad" turned into a marching band rah rah session. There are a couple of spunky guitar lines, but otherwise...

Oh Brave Old Army Team dotdot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

Gee, an actual lead guitar... while it helps "Oh Brave Old Army Team" along, it's still just so damn gimmicky.

Victory March dotdot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

Yup, it's that song alright. Every pubescent trombone or bass drummer has played it. Spirited, but otherwise just so-so.

Pep Rally dotdot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

Let's go to the stadium and get snockered under the bleachers... er... uh... I mean... see the game... yeah sure. Another dismissible song, though the lead melody is carried by Tommy Tedesco's guitar.