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Skid Roper and the Whirlin Spurs - Trails Plowed Underdotdotdot
artworkThe Whirlin Spurs are Skid Roper's western band, formed after the demise of Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper. It's rock and roll in cowboy clothes. There's a too-cool cover of "Paint It Black" here, and for the surf set, there's also one cowboys at the beach instro.
Picks: Under The Double Eagle

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Under The Double Eagle dotdotdot
Cowboy Surf (Instrumental)

Cowboys on parade, line drivin' on their way to San Onofre, where they're plannin' on a hot ride on the mechanical surfboard. Fast and furious, gents in plaid and ladies in gingham doin' the yee-haw on a hot saturday night. "Under The Double Eagle" is one bouncing cactus romper, with plenty of echo and extra fun.