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Dexter Romweber - Chased By Martiansdotdotdot
artworkDexter Romweber is the guitarist with the legendary Flat Duo Jets. This solo effort comes from that general perspective, with 10 rockabilly psycho vocals and 8 unnerving instros in the key of trash. The music ranges from brilliant scary to moron rock. Totally fun, and definitely not for the faint at heart or those afraid of thrashing classic sounds. Did I mention how fun this disc is?
Picks: Guybo, Bombora, Tombstone Boogie, The Curse Of The Little Bastard, Do The Lurd !!, Witchdoctor, Walkin' With Scary Hillbilly Monsters, Saint Louis Blues

Track by Track Review

Guybo dotdotdot
Fifties Trash (Instrumental)

"Guybo" is a chunky choppy stompin' fifties rock instro originally from Eddie Cochran. Big riffs and echo, and a bygone era party ethic.

Bombora dotdotdot
Surf Trash (Instrumental)

This is an almost unrecognizable thrashy cover of the Original Surfaris' "Bombora." It's big and intense, and drowning in edge and thrash. Big guitar fun.

Tombstone Boogie dotdotdot
Guitar Boogie (Instrumental)

This Dexter Romweber original has a bouncy forties feel to it, with choked guitar swipes and a stompin' beat. Riff rockin' fun.

The Curse Of The Little Bastard dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

What a great title! "The Curse Of The Little Bastard" is a riff rockin' fool of a track, with a gnarly sound and a mean edge. It's dissonant and nasty, and grindy too.

Do The Lurd !! dotdotdot
Moron Rock (Instrumental)

Moron trash rock for thrashing sub-frat rock knuckledraggers. No really, this is a perfect too many beers song for college bums.

Witchdoctor dotdotdot
Chicken Bop (Instrumental)

Chunky choppy cutesy rockin' and nearly chicken boppin' fun from out behind the barn. Riff rock in the first degree.

Walkin' With Scary Hillbilly Monsters dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

On a good day, you can see them in the weeds just off the road. "Walkin' With Scary Hillbilly Monsters" is a brilliant blend of country fiddle and crunchy riff rock, driving home that birth of rock and roll scene where Elvis imitates life and makes a killing. Very cool, like a manic Cat Mother and the Allnight Newsboys.

Saint Louis Blues dotdotdot
Blues (Instrumental)

Rockin' boogie treatment of "Saint Louis Blues" just chock full of fun. Real bouncy and primitive. Beer required.