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Robert and the Roboters - Wilde Orchideedotdotdotdot
artworkThis new CD from Dresden's Robert and the Roboters merges a little surf, some traditional European melody stylings, go-go keys, unusual beats, and creative arranging. While it's definitely a sidetrip for a surf fan, it is nonetheless an enjoyable CD with several fine instros to capture your attention. There's one vocal here titled "Overdrive."
Picks: Jutta Aus Kalkutta, Raketinfrau, Roboters Stomp, Schlupferbeat, Emmanuelle In Thailand, Sex Auf Der Datsche, Summel Mirko, Nevada, Wilde Orchidee, Estocada, Che Che Surf, Strasse Drer Romantik

Track by Track Review

Jutta Aus Kalkutta dotdotdotdot
Quasi Surf (Instrumental)

"Jutta Aus Kalkutta" reminds me a little of a Kraan song gone awry. The rhythm guitar jangles an infectious rhythm, the chorus suggests fifties pop, the heavy guitar parts offset the delicate floaty leads. It's quite a nice track!

Raketinfrau dotdotdotdot
Quasi Surf (Instrumental)

"Raketinfrau" has that Euro-gypsy-ska rhythm and big whammy chords. It blends surf and Euro melody ideas, and has an infectious rhythm track, and even a few double piked lines. A very fine song.

Roboters Stomp dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Swirly guitar effects and a combo riff-rock melody line characterize "Roboters Stomp," which has a nearly subliminal vocal line on some verses.

Schlupferbeat dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

The organ whistles with an almost carnival air. A choppy, bouncy rhythm fills out the song.

Emmanuelle In Thailand dotdotdotdot
Quasi Surf (Instrumental)

This is a fine song with a mysterious melody line and military rhythm. I'm not sure it hints of Thailand, but it's both interesting and suave, and a little sad. Moody, perhaps just out of reach at times, "Emmanuelle In Thailand" is one fine track!

Sex Auf Der Datsche dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Sex Auf Der Datsche" sports a bouncy playful rhythm and melody line. Lots of energy delivers a frothy episode of coastal play. Way fun, and infectious too!

Summel Mirko dotdotdot
Go-Go (Instrumental)

"Summel Mirko" is a go-go kinda jam full of fun and dancin' fools. Cool in a club setting for sure.

Nevada dotdotdotdot
Exotic Surf (Instrumental)

This song mixes exotica and surf with a moody sadness. The haunting melody is ghostly, yet enticing, like a tropical wake near dawn. "Nevada" is a very cool track that hooks you in its slow sinewy sound.

Wilde Orchidee dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Wilde Orchidee" is an edgy rock exercise that reminds me of Egyptian Reggae quite a bit. While not the same, it's like a smoother faster variation of the same classical theme, but stripped down and less circular. Excellent!

Estocada dotdotdotdot
Lost Surf (Instrumental)

This slow song plays over dry desert winds. Its mystery and sadness is quite compelling, like a spaghetti western epic, or perhaps a theme for a French Foreign legion column that will not return. Very cool track!

Che Che Surf dotdotdotdot
Quasi Surf (Instrumental)

"Che Che Surf" employs a classic AABA structure, with a melody that is both surfy and European. Infectious and very cool, despite the rude call at the beginning.

Strasse Drer Romantik dotdotdotdot
Quasi Surf (Instrumental)

A military march with a haunting melody over birds chirping. Part one of "Strasse Drer Romantik" is a fine instrumental, while part two is bird noises, and part three sports a lo-fi "doo-doo" vocal line.