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The Roadhouse Rockers - He's My Tigerdotdotdotdot
artworkOne of the best of the current crop of Rockabilly bands, these three have created a sound and style that is both highly energetic and edgie, and polished like fine rockabilly pop of four decades ago, underpinned by the subtlety and power of Link Wray, and the harmonies of the darling duets of that bygone era. What Tony does with his guitar and vocals is matched verbatim with the sweetness delivered by Mickey Rae's bass and satin voice. This is a fine trio. Beyond the glorious occasional instros touted here, vocals like Jimmy Jam are unparalelled in style and perfection. This is a band to see.
Picks: Fiebre' Del Rey, HanginŐ Ten With Tut, Back Beat

Track by Track Review

Fiebre' Del Rey dotdotdotdot
Guitar (Instrumental)

An excellent tribal beat backs up a dangerous and dramatic melody line over sultry walking bass lines. This is infectious and rhythmic, and just plain fun! Edgie guitar and cool chops, and spiffy percussion. Yeow!

HanginŐ Ten With Tut dotdotdotdot
Big Guitar Surf (Instrumental)

Can you spell T-H-R-O-B? This is a menacing Link Wray inspired piece with no shortage of coastal flair and big surf danger. Brilliant dark instro work from the most effective rockabilly trio out there. When they do things like this, they redefine surfabilly.

Back Beat dotdotdotdot
Guitar (Instrumental)

Super spiffy rockabilly slab bass and military drum cadence under a big guitar wham. "Back Beat" is one infectious number, more fun than a barrel of surf bunnies, and it demonstrates the power of the simple riff well defined. Minimal can be more. Originally cut by the Rondels.