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Tony Rizzi and Pacific - Surfin'dot
artworkGivin' scary a new dimension, Huntington Beach's Tony Rizzi and Pacific bring home spun garage jazz jams into the world of brine and shine. This album was issued sometime in the eighties. While I've never seen anything else by Tony, the sleeve lists two other releases, Disco Pacific and Plays Charlie Christian (Tony Rizzi and his Five Guitars plus Four).

The musicians on this release are Tony Rizzi - lead guitar / arranger / conductor, Ronald Cook - 2nd guitar, Michael Rosati - 3rd guitar, Bruce Lofgren - 4th guitar, Steve Carnelli - 5th guitar, George Doering - rhythm guitar, David Parlato - bass, John Perett - drums, Ricardo Chimelis - Latin percussion, and Tom Rainier - keys. It's hard to imagine how such a thin sound can come from so many musicians.

The vocals on this LP are sorta like disco treatments of Sergio Mendes. They include Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Wave," and "Huntington Beach," which is an original with semi-Beach Boys styled vocals over Tony Rizzi and Pacific's trademark squishy jazz sound.
Picks: Sandpiper (The Shadow Of Your Smile), Music To Watch Girls By, California Dreamin', Surfin' USA, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Summer Samba (So Nice), California Girls, Sunny

Track by Track Review

Sandpiper (The Shadow Of Your Smile) dot
Disco Slush (Instrumental)

Longs slushy guitar slither in an elevator jazz vein, with nothing more than backdrop sensibilities. The ultra squishy arrangement begs for an afternoon at K-mart®.

Music To Watch Girls By dot
Disco Slush (Instrumental)

Egad! Piano bar extravaganza deluxe... you know, if it wasn't so squishy, it would still be really boring. Imagine aging accountant cool...

California Dreamin' dot
Disco Slush (Instrumental)

With all of the harmonies and emotional depth of the Mama's and the Papa's's hit surgically removed, you're left with a thump and a mall noodle fest. Jeepers!

Surfin' USA dot
Disco Slush (Instrumental)

Man-oh-man! It's enough that the popster of the beach stole from Chuck Berry and wrote about the teen curl hipsters, but when you remove the barber shop harmonies and invert the rock 'n' roll sensibilities, you're left with lawyer disco. Dig that groove, baby!

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life dot
Disco Slush (Instrumental)

Stevie Wonder's "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" has never seen such a softened arrangement. The original was MOR enough without having all the color drained out of it.

Summer Samba (So Nice) dot
Disco Slush (Instrumental)

Interesting percussion and bass runs beneath what sounds like Italian movie soundtrack mung. The faux cool of the big drama chords is beyond belief.

California Girls dot
Disco Slush (Instrumental)

Hey there, is that vibrato? It's a rapid texture beneath a dentists' soothing soundscape. Yikes!

Sunny dot
Disco Slush (Instrumental)

Bobby Hebb's tomato classic "Sunny" is no less mushy. Dinner piano jazz for a special occasion.