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River City Blues Band - River City Blues Banddotdotdot
artworkWhere has this been? Issued in 200, it completely escaped my radar. This CD contains a superb and unusual treatment of "Pipeline" that you should hear! It's also a solid electric blues album.
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Pipeline dotdotdotdot
Surf Blues (Instrumental)

A slow gruff reverb glissando opens this original treatment of The Chantays' "Pipeline." The modest pace allows the modern guitar to make sense, and the rhythm pattern's dry muted pattern to work as well. The glissandos are overdubbed nicely. While grounded in electric blues, this is a very solid variant of this classic that's very serviceable in the world of surf. Midstream, there's a couple of verses of Miserlou steeped in Dick Dale with a thoroughly modern sound. Demented whammy completes the soundscape. I really like this!