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Teisco Del Rey - Music For Loversdotdotdot
artworkAlbum number two for Teisco Del Rey finds more of his friends playing more of his guitars on more splendid out of the way tunes. The one vocal is Ray Bryant's narrative hit "The Madison Time," complete with the directions, like a suave square dance call.
Picks: Seville, El Sleazo Chorizo, Missterri Meat, Kyla Voutti Uuta Kuuta, Second-Line Limbo, Hermanos Alou, Twango, Steel Trap, Casbah, Werewolf, Theme From "Lawrence Of Arabia", Sealed With A Kiss

Track by Track Review

Seville dotdotdotdot
Opera Surf (Instrumental)

A Dick Dale styled performance, King's runs and all... what a cool way to treat "The Barber Of Seville!" Like, why didn't the King do this? Great melody, real surf fluidity, and great tone. Too fun!

El Sleazo Chorizo dotdotdotdot
Cantina Surf (Instrumental)

This is a fine cover of a song written by Steve Soest, guitarist with the Torquays, and former bassist with Dick Dale. The tune is based on a riff inspired by Don't Fear The Reaper, and a start-stop action reggae backtrack. Warm, friendly, and humorous.

Missterri Meat dotdotdot
Egyptian Diner Surf (Instrumental)

"Missterri Meat" is a moody treatment of the Saxon's "Camel Walk," with soft female insertion of foods... The organ and the bongos take the tribal Egyptian feel of the original and invert it into a loungie runway anthem. Extra skimpy on rye, please.

Kyla Voutti Uuta Kuuta dotdotdot
Wedding Surf (Instrumental)

"Kyla Voutti Uuta Kuuta" means "The Village Was Waiting For The New Moon." It's a haunting and subtle Finish wedding song. Slow and deliberately gentle, with Teisco Del Rey accompanying himself on numerous guitars. Amazing.

Second-Line Limbo dotdotdot
Limbo Surf (Instrumental)

Billy Strange's "Limbo Rock" completely morphed into a mighty suave damped tune with ultra groove and tasty playtime condiments. Pretty darn swell.

Hermanos Alou dotdotdot
Calypso Surf (Instrumental)

"Hermanos Alou" is a Teisco Del Rey original. It's entirely infectious, and really suave. Unusual guitar tones, and never before used notes too.

Twango dotdotdotdot
Suave Greco Surf (Instrumental)

Teisco Del Rey's own whammy smooth seducer, with low-E groove and Greco-Italian submarine shop picking. "Twango" is very friendly, and oozes Mediterranean cafe scenes. Wow.

Steel Trap dotdotdot
Bar-B-Q Surf (Instrumental)

Link & Vernon Wray's ancient tune lightened up for the bar-b-q set. The twang and warmth are evident, and the tone really changes the tenor of the song. Excellent.

Casbah dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

An unusual treatment of a surf pounder. The power is there, and the drums are oddly mixed into an effective track. Melodic and dryer, with a really cool ambiance. This is a cover of the Richie Podolor tune originally issued by Sandy nelson with Richie on guitar. Bow down to Mr. Podolor once more!

Werewolf dotdotdotdot
Lycanthropic Surf (Instrumental)

When the Frantics first recorded this, they had no idea that the Ventures and the Bottle Ups would cover it, and certainly couldn't have predicted this version either. The intended danger and fear are captured effectively in this vibrato stalking monster. The pristine ringing guitar tone takes this out of the realm of a direct cover and gives it a Texas twang. The screams are even here. Wonderful.

Theme From "Lawrence Of Arabia" dotdotdot
Celluloid Surf (Instrumental)

Maurice Jarre wrote this film theme. It's a likely choice for Teisco's style. It's lilt and charm are well interpreted here. Moody and mysterious, and quite warm.

Sealed With A Kiss dotdotdot
Country Surf (Instrumental)

Bryan Hyland had a hit with "Sealed With A Kiss," and it never would have occurred to me from just listening to that wimpy song what a low-E Duane Eddy twang could do to it. It reminds me of some of the choices Paul Johnson made in the days of the Belairs. The narrated lyric and Cry Baby wah wah are too strange.