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Paul Revere and the Raiders - Like Long Hairdotdotdot
artworkAbout a million years ago, when I was but a mere lad, I bought a Paul Revere and the Raiders album of tracks that predated their Columbia contract. Frank Compoy at Record City advised against the purchase, but I went ahead. I've never been sorry. It's not that it was anything like the great sides we all know and love, but there were a few great instros on it, and I'm a sucker for the historical roots of bands. I've played "Moon Dawg" to the astonishment of many a punter over the years. There's not a whit of surf here, though there are a couple of pre-surf or peripheral tracks. None the less, it's about time this stuff saw the light of day again, even if it is from vinyl sources.
Picks: Like Long Hair, Orbit (The Spy), Sharon, Swinging Shepherd Blues, Groovey, The Last Mile, Road Runner, Moon Dawg, Beatnik Sticks, Midnite Ride, Like Charleston, All Night Long, Summer Time, Tall Cool One, Wabash Blues, Concert In "F" Sharp

Track by Track Review

Like Long Hair dotdotdot
Piano Boogie (Instrumental)

Influenced by the success of B. Bumble & the Stingers, Paul Revere and Mark Lindsey laid down this piano boogie beat tune. The great piano lines come from Paul Dick. "Like Long Hair" is based on Rachmaninov's "Prelude In C-Sharpe Minor" It's quite infectious and cool. Kim Fowley was the producer.

Orbit (The Spy) dotdotdot
Space (Instrumental)

The "Boss" guitar intro, the spacy sfx, and the low-E guitar grind make this a really nice side trip in the annuls of pre-surf. Mostly a grindy progression, but very ominous. Most unlike what you'd expect from the Columbia period PR&R.

Sharon dotdot
Pop-n-roll (Vocal)

Maudlin teenage sadness, a fast Fendermen guitar riff, and, well, vocals.

Swinging Shepherd Blues dotdotdot
R&B Sax (Instrumental)

A shallow version of the Viscounts arrangement of this ancient standard. Sax dominated.

Groovey dotdot
R&B (Instrumental)

Plucky R&B with a vengeance, like in the bars in Vegas just off the strip.

The Last Mile dotdot
Strip Runway (Instrumental)

Speaking of the strip, this slow R&B grind is designed for the take-it-off ramp crowd, complete with the shouts of anticipation as ever so slightly more anatomy is gradually exposed.

Road Runner dotdotdot
PNW R&B (Instrumental)

A slightly less powerful cover of the Wailers chunky instro. Stilted and less energetic, but the guitar is a but reverbed.

Moon Dawg dotdotdotdot
Pre-Surf (Instrumental)

Almost perfect delivery of the Gamblers' classic rage. Very powerful and true. Great twangy guitars and pumping piano. Really good.

Beatnik Sticks dotdotdot
Piano (Instrumental)

"Chop Sticks" and piano boogie woogie. Nifty.

Midnite Ride dotdotdot
Namesake (Vocal)

Clip clop horse hooves and silly words from a voice almost identical to early Dick Dale... I wonder... nah, couldn't be. Still, it's funny how easily this could have been an "Oh Wee Marie" or "Peppermint Man" sorta tune.

Like Charleston dotdot
Piano Roll Boogie (Instrumental)

More in the vein of the oldsters piano romp. Just so-so.

All Night Long dotdot
R&B (Instrumental)

The R&B classic. Nothing special.

Summer Time dotdotdot
Viscounts (Instrumental)

Huge Viscounts arrangement, with the dramatic piano tinkles and savage sax, but not quite as hot.

Tall Cool One dotdotdot
PNW R&B (Instrumental)

Nowhere near as interesting as the Wailers original. Just good old R&B

Wabash Blues dotdot
Viscounts (Instrumental)

The Viscounts arrangement of the big band standard.

Concert In "F" Sharp dotdotdot
Piano & Sax (Instrumental)

Hokey piano rhythm and boogie woogie boy oh boy. A fun track, but not particularly memorable.