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Reverberockets - Hagalo Usted Mismodotdotdot
artworkThis is a 1999 six song demo from the Reverberockets from La Paloma, Uruguay. While certainly demo sounding, the band plays well and several of the tracks show the promise of fresh ideas.
Picks: Intro, Surfeando Con Bela Lugosi, Johnny Guitar, Moon Surfers, Surfatorium, Ultra r'n'r

Track by Track Review

Intro dotdotdot
Punkabilly (Instrumental)

Chord dominated distortion driven riff rompin' grind, with decidedly fifties Link Wray influences and nineties edge.

Surfeando Con Bela Lugosi dotdotdotdot
Horror Surf (Instrumental)

Spooky keys haunt the opening as Dracula laughs and the fair maiden screams. Then, the grodie surf guitar comes in, darkly lamenting the loss of daylight safety. Grumbly and darkly splashy, "Surfeando Con Bela Lugosi" is ominous and supported by a relentless bass.

Johnny Guitar dotdotdot
Fuzz Rock (Instrumental)

Edgy slow vibrato throb squeezes the grating fuzz out of the amp. The throbbing gives way to distorted grind and dark themes. Not really melodic, but garagy and mean. It's not the classic British tune the Hunters did so many years ago.

Moon Surfers dotdotdot
Dark Twang Surf (Instrumental)

A fairly interesting guitar line clashes with the organ in a duel for wave superiority, and it's a draw. Double picked lines, aquatic themes, garagy sound, and unexpected changes.

Surfatorium dotdotdotdot
Dark Twang Surf (Instrumental)

"Surfatorium" is riff based, but is attractively constructed with strong surf guitar and subdued organ. The low-E lead provides a kind of guarded optimism and the tune develops.

Ultra r'n'r dotdotdot
Punkabilly (Instrumental)

Aggressive sub punkabilly riff rockin' fast times at the beach. Dark and speedy, with flying fingers and grumbling bass.