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The Reverb Syndicate - Operation Jet Setdotdotdotdot
artworkMuch of the music here is very inviting from an arrangement and playing perspective, as well as lovely tone. My chief concern here is the left-right guitar spread that relegates the lead to a lesser roll, and allows the rhythm to compete for attention instead of complimenting the melody line, and drums that are occasionally overbearing in the mix. Those things aside, the Reverb Syndicate have a number of very good songs here, and I found myself enjoying it more the more I listened.
Picks: Theme To "Operation: Jet Set", I Am The New Number Two, Oil Slicks And Ejector Seats, On To Checkpoint Bravo, Shake Don't Stir, The Code Is ********, I Am Not A Pleasure Unit, Zis Is KAOS!, M's Lament, Inlet Of Dire Consequences, ... And The Hero Gets The Girl

Track by Track Review

Theme To "Operation: Jet Set" dotdotdotdot
Spy Lounge Surf (Instrumental)

The warm adventure of the melody is inviting and endearing, and the tone lends itself to the imagery. Mid tempo, open road cool, and very listenable, "Theme To "Operation: Jet Set"" is a solid CD opener.

I Am The New Number Two
Spy Lounge Surf (Instrumental)

In reference to The Prisoner, "I Am The New Number Two" is much too positive for such a negative image. It calls to the open road with a sense of travel and optimism. Nicely done.

Oil Slicks And Ejector Seats dotdotdot
Spy Lounge Surf (Instrumental)

Adventurous and rockin', with the energy one might expect from an impending ride in an ejection seat. Just enough lurking danger is conveyed by the melody line and key for "Oil Slicks And Ejector Seats" to be an appropriate title.

On To Checkpoint Bravo dotdotdot
Spy Lounge Surf (Instrumental)

On the lumbering side, "On To Checkpoint Bravo" has a sort of sense of rising and falling with the road, and bears a grin while it's at it. Fun, but with a dark shadow just over its shoulder.

Shake Don't Stir dotdotdot
Spy Lounge Surf (Instrumental)

"Shake Don't Stir" is a very catchy tune with a soy edge and a loungy underbelly filtered through the surf idiom. Its pace and sense of motion are very surf, while its melody is more spy. Quite fun.

The Code Is ******** dotdotdotdot
Spy Lounge Surf (Instrumental)

The opening bar hints of the Ape Men, but it immediately becomes a whammy surf twango number with a spy-ish melody and infectious sound. Its splashy vision and playful gate create a light hearted sunny day surf scene. Excellent!

I Am Not A Pleasure Unit dotdotdotdot
Spy Lounge Surf (Instrumental)

This mid tempo number is quirky like "Pink Panther" without being gimmicky. Suave and undulating with sultry motion, "I Am Not A Pleasure Unit" gathers you up and draws you in. Very nice!

Zis Is KAOS! dotdotdot
Spy Lounge Surf (Instrumental)

A kind of pumping keyboard rhythm provides an introduction to a circular keyboard progression that's a bit like early Pig Pen had he played in a go-go band instead of the Grateful Dead. Then, the song comes on, and "Zis Is KAOS!" takes on a more traditional go-go meets spy sound. Bouncy and slightly amped up.

M's Lament dotdotdotdot
Spy Lounge Surf (Instrumental)

Long ringing tremolo chords and a sad melody provide a lurid sound that soothes while giving pause. A gentle concern and slight moodiness combine is a surf atmosphere to create a splendid wash of mystery and romance.

Inlet Of Dire Consequences dotdotdotdot
Spy Lounge Surf (Instrumental)

With a great title, "Inlet Of Dire Consequences" sports a sense of adventure, intrigue, and forward motion, while the bongos add an exotic edge. At first, this didn't grab me, but before I was a third of the way through, I was hooked. Very cool!

... And The Hero Gets The Girl dotdotdotdot
Spy Lounge Surf (Instrumental)

This light hearted charmer shines with tremolo tremble and shiny island shimmer, while relying on a solid beat, pumping bass, and twin lead guitars. "... And The Hero Gets The Girl" is a very enjoyable track with warmth and an inviting melody.