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Steve Reverb and the Sound-Tones - S/Tdotdotdot
artworkSteve Reverb and the Sound-Tones play an interesting blend of surf, cowpunk, truckdrivin' twang instros and plaintiff truckstop punk vocals that have charm and wit about them. These are demos for sure, but they show significant promise, and with better sound, I'd say they would grab quite a number of folks by the cactus needles.
Picks: The Theme From Griss, Jack Ramblin', Lame Riser, Shootin' The Pier, Montel Tiegs, Mr. Mysterioso's Secret Siren, Wildman M-C, The Chrome Classic G-Man

Track by Track Review

The Theme From Griss dotdotdot
Cowpunk Surf (Instrumental)

This is a kind of rockabilly grinder with a surf rhythm. More riffy than melodic, "The Theme From Griss" might be placed in the cowpunk genre as it was practiced at the end of the eighties. It's a fun track with punch and grit.

Jack Ramblin' dotdotdot
Cowpunk Surf (Instrumental)

Punchy surfable cowpunk chop and romp with a bit of thrash and lots of angst. "Jack Ramblin'" is rhythmic and fun, with a stompin' cowboy boot edge.

Lame Riser dotdotdot
Cowpunk Surf (Instrumental)

Chunky punky rockin' with great drums and grind. "Lame Riser" is a bumpin' track with edge and drive. It's the drums that rock it, while the bass and guitar drive it home. Cool track.

Shootin' The Pier dotdotdot
Cowpunk Surf (Instrumental)

Anglin' for an attack angle that won't result in a pylon pile-on, Steve Reverb and the Sound-Tones grind a dangerous song with some reverb, some surf, some punk, and determination. Rolling drums in the break punctuate the danger. Excellent.

Montel Tiegs dotdotdotdot
Cowpunk Surf (Instrumental)

Don't know who this "Montel Tiegs" character is, but he's disjointed and angular with a frantic personality. Very unusual and interesting guitar wizardry between verses, punkin' rompin' drums, and rolling bass give the song guts and charm. A stomp for the other times.

Mr. Mysterioso's Secret Siren dotdotdot
Cowpunk Surf (Instrumental)

With the weird apprehension of "Out Of Limits," this song begins and is interrupted with angular tension. The rest of the song is stompin' punkoidal thrash surf with attack and angst. Cool stuff.

Wildman M-C dotdotdotdot
Cowpunk Surf (Instrumental)

Like a cowboy punk "Pipeline," Steve Reverb and the Sound-Tones whammy and pump "Wildman M-C" with a combination of surf, cactus, and punk. 'Tis a fine track with lots of edge.

The Chrome Classic G-Man dotdotdot
Cowpunk Surf (Instrumental)

Dramatic and spunky, "The Chrome Classic G-Man" sports a deliberate structure. It's less interesting than the rest of the instros on this disc - less fluid and intense.