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The Reventlos - Palace Of Sounddotdotdotdot
artworkIt's so hard to dislike the Reventlos. On the other hand, they are not for the trad-only crowd. Amazing combinations of styles and emotion, of insanity and clarity. Ranell is an interesting choice of label names. It a prominent family name in New Zealand. There's one vocal here, the very surf-pop cool "Silver Lake Girl"
Picks: Palace Of Sound, Bongo Reventlo, Mountain Metal, The Sunderland Shuffle, The High Lonesome, Do The Bogle, Narcosis, Song For Fito De La Parra, Silver Lake Girl, Sonic Man, What Was Once 909 is Now 951, Descarta Reventlo, Lance's Last Dance

Track by Track Review

Palace Of Sound dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

Rising from church bells is a rhythmic and powerful track with an edgy rhythm track and impressive dangerous feel. Big thunder and angular emotion, amped up by big slide lines. Drama and an industrial darkness. Very cool!

Bongo Reventlo dotdotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

I first heard this song during the last Pitstop the Reventlos made. Finally committed to disc, it's even more fun. This song has a decidedly curious melody line that's both unusual and very friendly. It's at once both mathematical and grinning fun. The changes and textures are remarkably cool. The horns and swirling tone create a saucy and sophisticated feeling to an otherwise holiday in Rio feeling. It's very hard not to love this!

Mountain Metal dotdotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

This is another song that they played last time they visited up North. As they say, "Mountain Metal" remedies the long overdue destruction of blue brass at the hands of the Reventlos. Metallic grasscore for the amplified waves of grain. Spectacular and entirely too fun!

The Sunderland Shuffle dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

The Reventlos launch into a funnin' country epic. It's a frolic, with the unpretentious fun on a hay ride to the last roundup. Way to go, boys!

The High Lonesome dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

This is superb! Great drums, angular charm, very intriguing guitar counter melodies, and long leaning notes with a haunted sound. Way cool!

Do The Bogle dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

Dedicated to Bob Bogle of the Ventures, is a non-Ventures instro with a catchy countrified rhythm and bouncy feel. The big Austin break is an interesting contrast to the otherwise fluid chicken pickin' coolness.

Narcosis dotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

"Narcosis" is a slow and mentally tortured soundscape under a narrated story of things better unseen. There's a definite image of the not-normal. Very spooky!

Song For Fito De La Parra dotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

Hard panned guitars at odds with daylight, yet luminescent in their complimentary lines. Big dramatic drums. Watery glass finger guitar lines, and some very unusual licks. Upbeat, but not quite "normal."

Silver Lake Girl dotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Vocal)

Sonic Man dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

"Sonic Man" is a somewhat sad song with interesting textures and haunting scenery. The discomfort of contrast between insanity and everyday normality is what this is all about. Strange, but very cool.

What Was Once 909 is Now 951 dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

What happens when you turn out the lights? "What Was Once 909 is Now 951" answers that question. Captain Beefheart meets metal man in a mad scientist's lab after hours. Wow!

Descarta Reventlo dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

What would a Reventlos album be without at least one song titled "Reventlo" something? Tweaky Latin fun, exciting percussion, and a chorus that's so-o-o Latin. Brilliant fun!

Lance's Last Dance dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

Big edgy guitar, gruff textured, and harsh, "Lance's Last Stand" is a rhythm guitar thrasher with lots of energy. Simply big and dangerous with a grin.