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The Reventlos - Pitstop 2002dotdotdotdot
artworkIt's always a grand event when the Reventlos grace our studios. On September 14, 2002, they played a strong set of original magic, including two rootsy vocal covers, "Rock Therapy," and Jody Reynolds' grand "Endless Sleep."
Picks: Fun Zone, Stan Orlow, Bongo Reventlo, Mountain Metal, Do The Bogle, Lance's Last Stand, Mondo Reventlo, Crawl To The Reventlos, Meet Mr. Reventlo, Crankheads Of Elsinore, The Sunderland Shuffle, El Pendejo, King Kong

Track by Track Review

Fun Zone dotdotdot
Deliverance (Instrumental)

Cowboy banjo surf, deliverance breakdown beach trauma... totally fun.

Stan Orlow dotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

Playful humpin' jive, a nifty rhythm, warm chords, and a spiffy tight performance make this unusual tune stay with you.

Bongo Reventlo dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

This song has a decidedly curious melody line that's both unusual and very friendly. It's at once both mathematical and grinning fun. The changes and textures are remarkably cool. It's very hard not to love this!

Mountain Metal dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

As they say, "Mountain Metal" remedies the long overdue destruction of blue brass at the hands of the Reventlos. Metallic grasscore for the amplified waves of grain. Very interesting.

Do The Bogle dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

Dedicated to Bob Bogle of the Ventures, is a non-Ventures instro with a catchy countrified rhythm and bouncy feel. The big Austin break is an interesting contrast to the otherwise fluid chicken pickin' coolness.

Lance's Last Stand dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

Big edgy guitar, gruff textured, and harsh, "Lance's Last Stand" is a rhythm guitar thrasher with lots of energy. It;s also subtitled "Up Yours Phil."

Mondo Reventlo dotdotdot
Spaghetti Western (Instrumental)

Kettle drums and haunting spaghetti western melody on a fine sounding guitar. Short, but worth a listen.

Crawl To The Reventlos dotdotdotdot
Imaginative Demented (Instrumental)

Gotta have those Reventlos titles... and, as before, it foretells of an introspective view of the what it's like to be a Reventlo... a man with many faces, all competing for the front of the head, none able to stay there for long enough to produce a singular view. "Crawl To The Reventlos" meanders between several differently textured movements, all of which compliment each other. Excellent!

Meet Mr. Reventlo dotdotdotdotdot
Sludge-O-Metal Death Grunge Drama Scope (Instrumental)

The Reventlos employ the full range of their styles, contrasting a from whimsical epic play prancery into a sludge metal death grunge drama. For the changes alone, this is a must have.

Crankheads Of Elsinore dotdot
Techno Surf (Instrumental)

When Joe Meek conceived "Telstar," he could not have possibly imagined this. Thin techno fluff, orbiting around the musical planet, just waiting to dismay the unwary. "Telstar" cries out for creative covers, but unlike "Pipeline," it has mostly attracted the unbelievably tame. Casios at twenty paces would be an improvement.

The Sunderland Shuffle dotdotdotdot
Heavy Surf Sludge (Instrumental)

A country epic of fun and frolic, with a byline that reads "don't drink and drive, you might hit a bump and spill some." It's unpretentious fun on a hay ride to the last roundup. Way to go, boys!

El Pendejo dotdotdotdotdot
Heavy Surf Sludge (Instrumental)

Right from the Quadraverb drenched initial surf chordage, there's no mistaking the dynamite power of this unusual surf track. It's as big and powerful as that double overhead you failed to take notice of before it had you for lunch.

King Kong dotdotdotdotdot
Heavy Surf Sludge (Instrumental)

Every time I hear this, I go ape! It's huge and lumbering. "King Kong" is a monster track that looms above with a menacing leer. Metal drudge monster movie soundtrackage with twangy guitar lines and speedmetal thrash-picked slaughter. What a monster way to end their stunning set!