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Rev Hank - Ukulele Surf Kingdotdotdotdot
All right... don't screw your attitude hat on too tight. This is simply a brilliant, fun sidetrip. Rev Hank translates a number of classics and some Urban Surf Kings staples to the ukulele, which is not often played as you might expect the uke to be played. Inventive and really fun.
Picks: Cruel Sea, Man From Adano, Big Surf at BP, Having an Average Weekend, Diamond Head, Hawaii Five-O, Giant Cow, Walk, Don't Run, Do The Earl

Track by Track Review

Cruel Sea dotdotdotdot
Ukulele Surf (Instrumental)

"Cruel Sea" is surprisingly engaging on solo ukulele. It doesn't exactly have the bold energy of Mike Maxfield's original, but it sure is cool. Way too much fun.

Cafe Racer dotdotdot
Ukulele Surf (Instrumental)

"Cafe Racer" has a light sound, with hand percussion and a saucy melody. Nice track.

Man From Adano dotdotdotdot
Ukulele Surf (Instrumental)

Liberated from Urban Surf Kings, "Man From Adano" sure sounds different on the uke. It's funny, but despite the superb full bodies original, it was not until the band was removed and the simplicity of the ukulele took over that I really noticed just how cool the melody really is.

Big Surf at BP dotdotdotdot
Ukulele Surf (Instrumental)

Ukulele accompanied by hand claps and percussion with bass on this splendid track. The whole thing is artfully compelling - dare I say catchy. Very good arranging.

Having an Average Weekend dotdotdotdotdot
Ukulele Surf (Instrumental)

The Kids In The Hall theme "Having an Average Weekend" is completely different here. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet rocked on this infectious melody, which the ukulele does in it's own gentle way too. Big grins here!

Diamond Head dotdotdotdotdot
Ukulele Surf (Instrumental)

Oh my gosh! Danny Hamilton's classic "Diamond Head" is entirely too cool! There's something twisted abut this back porch reinvention of The Ventures' hit. I really like this!

Hawaii Five-O dotdotdotdotdot
Ukulele Surf (Instrumental)

Muted chop chords on ukulele! Really! man-o-man, this is nothing short of brilliant.

Giant Cow dotdotdotdot
Ukulele Surf (Instrumental)

Bass accompanies Rev Hank covering The Urban Surf Kings' "Giant Cow." Well, how does one not like this. Percussion and bass and ukulele interwoven for serious charm. The original was cool, but this is much more than that.

Walk, Don't Run dotdotdot
Ukulele Surf (Instrumental)

As it turn out, "Walk, Don't Run" is more like you might expect from the concept of ukulele surf than anything else here. Simply nice.

Do The Earl dotdotdot
Ukulele Surf (Instrumental)

Easy sunny afternoon sounds with no shortage of cute. "Do The Earl" is a pretty melody nicely adapted to the uke. Very nice.

Lazy Hula dotdotdot
Ukulele Surf (Instrumental)

Finally, the ukulele drifts into Hawaiian mode, and the addition of children at the beach gives it a touristy feeling. Are the kids whooping along?