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Los Relampagos - El Baile del Bufon c/w El Arlequin de Toledodotdotdot
artworkThese tracks may not be their most rockin', but both are really cool, especially "El Baile del Bufon."
Picks: El Baile del Bufon, El Arlequin de Toledo

Track by Track Review

El Baile del Bufon dotdotdot
Flamenco Based Surfish Soft Rock (Instrumental)

To paraphrase Jim Morrison, weird scenes inside a tube... jaws harp, carnival dementia organ, a "Let's Go" cheerleaders stomp beat, and a tasty richly tones Duane Eddy guitar tone. The blend could only happen in the mind's ear of a recent guest of the Cherry Blossom Clinic. Amazing.

El Arlequin de Toledo dotdotdot
Flamenco Based Surfish Soft Rock (Instrumental)

"El Arlequin de Toledo" (Harlequin of Toledo) is mighty fun. This prances with a military beat, a surfy guitar tone, a 17th century feel, and mucho fun.