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Los Relampagos - Danza del Fuego c/w Recuerdos de la Alhambradotdotdot
artworkThe a-side of this single is cool, and the b-side, well it's very well played, but way to syrupy for me.
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Danza del Fuego dotdotdot
Flamenco Based Surfish Soft Rock (Instrumental)

Sci-fi weirdness, surfish delayed guitar, ominous organ, relentless percussion, and a progression that pulls you further in with each verse. If you are already gone, you'll be right at home. If not, you'll want to hang onto your sanity carefully. Excellent and original. Just watch out for the boys in the white coats.

Recuerdos de la Alhambra dotdotdot
Flamenco Based Surfish Soft Rock (Instrumental)

Hmmm... this is an odd one. It's very smooth and slow, and quite MOR in structure. It employs a mall organ sound and great damped guitar plucking. I can't decide if I dig the suaveness or dismiss the slushiness.