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Les Reed - Girl On A Motorcycle [Soundtrack]dotdot
artworkThis soundtrack is not unlike a hundred others of the day. The imagery of Mod girls running the streets and all that was often accompanied by cheesy orchestral jazz that really wanted to be Henry Mancini, but seldom rose above the backdrop level. This album is all that and less - except for an odd track that pours life and danger, and even has a tenuous surf connection. Dig the picture of Marianne Faithful on the cover!
Picks: Big Bare Beat

Track by Track Review

Big Bare Beat dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This is a track at odds with the rest of the soundtrack. The cheesy orchestral jazz is MIA, replaced by loud rock with rock guitar and horns, and a big drum kit. The connection to surf is in the occasionally double picked damped bass - yes bass - which takes on an almost lead-guitar like roll. It's very unusual, nut not at all essential - more a curiosity. The song is really in two parts separated by a reverse gong.