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Red Guitars - Music For Misguided Angelsdotdotdot
artworkThis CD has finally gotten into commercial release. I think it merits reposting the review.

There ain't no surf here, but there is really smooth country flavored twango with excellent melodies and a gentle air. It seldom strays into MOR country, but it also doesn't really rock. Really well played guitar instrumentals for an easy afternoon. Quite an enjoyable CD. Don't be afraid of easy... as Red Guitars prove, it can be very satisfying to a surf fan. Red Guitars are George Bowser and Rick Blue. They have been together since '78. As one of their bios says, in reference to their mostly comedy work, "Colorectal Surgeons around the world are familiar with them through the song 'Working Where the Sun Don't Shine', which was first heard on 'Madly Off In All Directions.' Comedy aside, they are accomplished musicians. Among their credits on disc are work with SupertrampŐs Rick Davies, Kimberley Rew, and Katrina Leskanich of Katrina and the Waves.
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