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The Red Elvises - Surfing In Siberiadotdotdot
artworkFour Russian lads blending their homeland folk styles with surf and pop and rockabilly. A pretty unusual mix. Very fun. Highly entertaining.
Picks: Surfing In Siberia [Miserlou], Hungarian Dance #5, Love Pipe, Ukrainian Dance #13

Track by Track Review

Surfing In Siberia [Miserlou] dotdotdotdotdot
Russian Surf (Instrumental)

Totally bitchin elongated version of thee surf classico, with some really cool balalaika noodling, and ample angst. Their approach is a blend of surf and Russian trad folk styles. It's very refreshing to hear something really different done with this song.

Hungarian Dance #5 dotdotdot
Folkabilly (Instrumental)

Traditional melody, tasty guitar instro until about half way through, when the lads come in with the "la-la-la's" and more funage. Very infectious performance.

Love Pipe dotdotdotdot
Siberian Surf (Instrumental)

Big tom-tom driven number with really cool guitar lines. There's a bit of "The Munsters" in the mix, and a taste of the rockabilly. The folk dance beat is totally infectious. Wow!

Ukrainian Dance #13 dotdotdot
Folkabilly (Instrumental)

Slowly building, with excited shouts of "Hoiy!," and cool guitar tones. Infectious and fascinating. It reminds me of something Rick Escobar of the Woodies might have surfed up. No, not surf, but too fun!