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The Raymen - Garbaged, Littered and Totally Destroyed 1984 - 1999dotdotdot
artworkThe Raymen first came to my attention back in the eighties when I came across a 12 inch EP. The cover was cool, so I took a chance. They were like a demented version of a band half way between the Cramps and Turkey Bones and the Wild Dogs, with murky dark reverb sound and low down vocals. This CD collects a bunch of rarities, and includes a really trashy version of "Wipe Out."
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Wipe Out dotdotdot
Psycho Warehouse Surf (Instrumental)

In the Raymen's murky style, they slaughter and monsterize this venerable old hit from the Surfaris. Huge power, bit wall of mud, ultra trashy warehouse surf. Very cool.