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The Rapiers - Strait To The Pointdotdotdot
artworkSeven rockabilly vocals surround five solid British instros on this reissue.
Picks: Straight To The Point, Husky Team, Green Jeans, Out Of This World, Haunting Guitar

Track by Track Review

Straight To The Point dotdotdot
Shadows (Instrumental)

Very tweaky, with stinging whammy chords and ultra echo guitar. Fast drums and an odd melody line make this stand out. The disturbed guitar echo is unnerving at times.

Husky Team dotdotdotdot
Shadows (Instrumental)

"Husky Team" runs swiftly, driven by great drums and gutty guitar. It sparkles and rocks too. The drums are rolling and manic.

Green Jeans dotdotdot
Shadows (Instrumental)

Atlantics twang on green slowness with added (?). Fast and inspired, with demented guitar echo. "Green Jeans" is a rockabilly translation of "Green Sleeves." Infectious twango.

Out Of This World dotdotdotdot
Shadows (Instrumental)

Eerie and spacy, with a low down gutty lead guitar. The frothy backtrack is at odds with the scary lead, giving "Out Of This World" a surreal air. Pretty interesting.

Haunting Guitar dotdotdot
Shadows (Instrumental)

"Haunting Guitar" is slow and islandic, ultra romantic with tropical chord bending. Very touristy, yet quite pretty.