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The Ramonetures - S/Tdotdotdot
artworkWhat'dya say 'bout great fuzzy Ventures style variations of the Ramones? This is a mostly solid set of Ventures style covers of Ramones songs, arranged with reverence for both bands. The whole idea of imitating the chameleons of rock covering one of rock's originals is inspired. Mel Bergman (Phantom Surfers, Go Nuts) conceived this project, and Davie Allan plays sometimes inspired fuzz on the sessions. The down side for me is that most of it was a one-time listen. While it's well done, the novelty wore off quickly, and it ended up on the shelf, except for the handful of great tracks more in Davie Allan's style than the Ventures.
Picks: Glad To See You Go, Rockaway Beach, Blitzkrieg Bop, She's The One, Babysitter, Rock and Roll High School, She's A Sensation, Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World, Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?, I Wanna Be Well, Carbona Not Glue, The KKK Took My Baby Away, Cretin Hop, Oh Oh I Love Her So, I Wanna Be Sedated, Pet Sematary

Track by Track Review

Glad To See You Go dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

Fast and furious, with the restrained assault as the Ventures would use. Compressed chunk.

Rockaway Beach dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

This is more like it, though the melody line is slim. The feel of lesser fuzz and pounding garage.

Blitzkrieg Bop dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

This is the fuzz highlight of the disc. It includes the chorus chant. Like many Ramones songs, it's not melodic enough to stand without lyrics, yet this is pretty fun to listen to.

She's The One dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

Two chord wonder, with twangy whammy lead guitar carrying the day. It's more surfy than most here, and also more melodic.

Babysitter dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

Another of the more melodic tunes, delivered with a warmer lead guitar. It's got a real sixties feel, and a nice riff. The lead work is very nicely played.

Rock and Roll High School dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

Too much like many of the Ventures' covers... not very melodic. It does work OK in the bridge, but the main theme is just so-so.

She's A Sensation dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

This is a nice melodic piece, with a solid beat and groovy fuzz lead. The arrangement is a bit too one dimensional, but it works OK.

Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World dotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

Ultra fuzz, some ugly feedback, and some nasty tones. The lead is pure Davie Allan fuzz monster. Biker fuzz deluxe.

Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio? dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

After a scan across the dial, and some sampled Ventures, the cheer leader drums come in, and the track launches into the riff. The vocal chorus is retained, which is of coarse a Ventures trick.

I Wanna Be Well dotdotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

Slow dance coolness with Davie Allan playing in a tone much like some of his early pre-fuzz sides, like on the Skaterdater soundtrack. This is tasty and smooth.

Carbona Not Glue dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

Dirty garage fuzz, Davie Allan's lead licks, and some nice playing. It works well, with a bit of drive and some excellent whammy.

The KKK Took My Baby Away dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

Ugly chunka chunka, and a moderately interesting guitar line. The playing is great, but the melody is just so-so.

Cretin Hop dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

Mighty chunky chop and roll, with an OK lead riff, well played but based on too little melody. It doesn't really get past the backtrack sound.

Oh Oh I Love Her So dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

Another tune that doesn't stand on instruments alone.

I Wanna Be Sedated dotdotdot
Fake Ventures (Instrumental)

If it weren't for the lyrics, this wouldn't work at all... wait, there are no lyrics. Too thin and without a focus.

Pet Sematary dotdotdotdot
Bike Fuzz (Instrumental)

Thick biker fuzz, great grimy guitar, round sustained Davie Allan signature coolness. Great track, more grodie than most here, and worth the price of admission. Out past the fade out is a marvelous Davie Allan guitar grind over rumbling bass and rambling drums. Very cool way to close out the disc.