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Radio Alarm Clocks - Wake Me When It's Overdotdotdot
artworkRadio Alarm Clocks were a mighty obscure outfit, issuing one lone album, which contained one instro with surf sensibilities. The album includes two instros (one surf), and vocals ranging from eighties pop to upgrade garage, with titles like "In The Midnight Hour," "Time Is On My Side," "Psycho," "Sex Dimension," and "Downshift Breakout Ride." The band was from Cleveland, Ohio. This album was issued in 1983.
Picks: Synthetic Weekend, Alone In Flat B

Track by Track Review

Synthetic Weekend dotdotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

Not only is this one of the biggest covers of this Henry Mancini classic detective theme, it is marvelously punctuated with the delightful "Baby Elephant Walk" in the middle - an idea so twisted, it is PERFECT! Huge, magnetic, and grodie as Hell!

Alone In Flat B dotdotdot
Surf Wave (Instrumental)

This is a very unusual track, melodic and surfy in structure, but not sound. It employs surfable progressions, but is tonally and ambiently dry, and lies somewhere between eighties pop and the California beaches. It flows, has rhythmic elements of surf, and dances on your senses like surf tunes should. Like it says on the album jacket, "Mike (Metoff) wrote this without the help of Dick Dale."