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The Quiets - Take A Flight Withdotdotdot
artworkFinland's Quiets have been making soft rock Euro style instro albums for quite some time. While mostly on the soft side of the aisle, the musicianship is very high caliber, and the recordings very good. They are in some ways a natural extension of the sound established by the Shadows, borrowing from players like Al Caiola, and targeting a mature audience. This CD sports pristine guitar instrumentals for softer moments.
Picks: Town Without Pity, Wait For No One Else, Nautilus, Moon River, Desafinado, TV Girl, Walk With Me My Angel, Magnificent Seven, It's Time, Enchanted Sea, Forbidden Love, You Only Live Twice, Strangers Can Turn To Lovers, Tears Of Night

Track by Track Review

Town Without Pity dotdot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

Big MOR guitar sound in a silky setting right down to the plinky piano, with rich guitar and classic Euro sound.

Wait For No One Else dotdotdot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

Exotic percussion and fluid rhythm support a sad melody line in a soft setting. Very pretty track, with rich guitar work.

Nautilus dotdotdot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

Throbbing guitar in an almost Jet Harris and Tony Meehan kinda track, with a shimmering break and silky sorta MOR-rock sound. Tasteful whammy chords and mafia-instro sounds add to the track.

Moon River dot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

The organ leads this MOR treatment of the standard "Moon River."

Desafinado dotdotdot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

Stan Getz's "Desafinado" gets a soft rock treatment, with restrained guitar work and a light sound over an exotic beat.

TV Girl dot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

"TV Girl" is a sorta soft rock equivalent to "Telstar" after being marinated for a while. It sports a kinda Ferris wheel organ.

Walk With Me My Angel dot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

Bigtime MOR softness, with really nice guitar work, and feet squarely in the fifties.

Magnificent Seven dotdotdot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

"Magnificent Seven" is pretty nice, softer than Los Straitjackets or the Al Caiola original. Still, it's pretty cool.

It's Time dotdotdot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

The sideshow organ and scenic guitar make for a sixties movie theme kind of sound. A pretty melody and a soft approach.

Enchanted Sea dotdotdot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

This venerable exotica standard moves in a respectful way, with piano plinking and sultry organ. It's surprisingly appealing despite its MOR leanings, with some very nice guitar work.

Forbidden Love dotdotdot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

A softened version of the Tornados might sound like this. A fine melody line and a cross between rock and MOR present an oldster's view of rockin' sounds.

You Only Live Twice dotdot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

Spy themes do well on guitar. This is lush and soft rocked, with a silky ambiance.

Strangers Can Turn To Lovers dotdotdot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

Rockin' guitar and drums drive this track home. Solid and infectious, and full of energy.

Tears Of Night dotdot
Euro MOR Guitar (Instrumental)

Soft whistling organ and gentle guitar in an MOR setting, with a kind of Ventures In Space feel.