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Quicksilver Messenger Service - Lost Gold And Silverdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a two CD set, one live and the other previously unreleased studio sessions, except for the two tracks that ended up on the soundtrack to Revolution. Over two hours of vintage Quicksilver Messenger Service haunt this great look into the prime of this fine band before the return of Dino Vallenti.
Picks: Silver And Gold, The Fool, Mona / Maiden of the Cancer Moon / Mona, Acapulco Gold And Silver, Calvary

Track by Track Review

Silver And Gold dotdotdotdot
Shimmering Rock (Instrumental)

It's hard to deny John Cipollina's influence on others, as well as the watery nature of his shimmering vibrato. "Silver And Gold" is based on "Take Five," but is laced with far more power and edge. This live recording displays his guitar playing in fine form, backed by the classic Quicksilver Messenger Service line up. Intense guitar, vibrant delivery, and great sub psychedelic post surf instrumental magic.

The Fool dotdotdotdot
Shimmering Rock (Instrumental)

OK, so there are words to this. But out of thirteen minutes, they occupy only a couple of verses. The dramatic and watery composition is pure oceanic joy. Stinging guitar, fluid playing, and a rolling open road feel.

Mona / Maiden of the Cancer Moon / Mona dotdotdotdot
Shimmering Rock (Instrumental)

Sandwiched between "Mona" like Moby Dick surrounded by bookends, "Maiden of the Cancer Moon" floats on a coral reef of intense guitar and swirling island imagery. This fine tune is drenched in psychedelic swirls and hypnotic curl. John Cipollina's guitar intensity cuts through the night like a shrill audio knife. The band behind provides buoyancy with a chunky and rhythmic backtrack.

Acapulco Gold And Silver dotdotdotdot
Shimmering Rock (Instrumental)

This early unreleased demo version of "Gold And Silver" sports a playful whistling lead line. It has less power than the released version, but it also has great charm. Based on the Dave Bruebeck hit, this is simply marvelous. Playful and richly churned out by the band.

Calvary dotdotdotdot
Shimmering Rock (Instrumental)

This studio take of the tune that ended up in release on the great live Happy Trails album shows interesting arranging. The clip-clop percussion and monk's chorus are quite interesting. It's not as fluid, but it is historic and very tasty.