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The Pyronauts - A Surfin' X-masdotdotdot
artworkThe Pyronauts take 13 holiday songs and transform them into surfin' Santa reverb celebrations. The sound is delicate, respectful, and traditional. the arrangements are sometimes very simple, yet very effective. many tracks are short, some under a minute. This is a very smooth and enjoyable salute to that new shortboard under your tree.
Picks: O Come All Ye Faithful, Deck The Hall, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Joy To The World, Ding Dong Merrily On High, White Christmas, Christmas Tree, Good King Wenceslas, Let It Snow, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Away In The Manger, Silent Night, Carol Of The Bells

Track by Track Review

O Come All Ye Faithful dotdotdotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

This is a pure trad arrangement of this venerable Christmas classic. Beautifully played, with delicate damped verses and double picked power verses. The variations keep it fresh, and the surf sound brightens the arrangement.

Deck The Hall dotdotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

Ultra cool damped reverbed lead guitar give this a whole new sound. Smooth and reverent, surf, and cool. Quite nice.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas dotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

Trad sounds sweetly deliver "We Wish You A Merry X-mas" from the MOR graveyard into the woodie of your choice. Nice track.

Joy To The World dotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

Delicate double picking gives this an Italian surf feel, while retaining the holiday spirit. Nicely arranged.

Ding Dong Merrily On High dotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

This is an interesting choice, delicately played, melodically displayed, and reverbed as required. I can't think of another surf version. Soft spoken and cool.

White Christmas dotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

A bit of a Spanish surf feel transforms Bingo Crosbiano's syrupy classic into a soft surf gift wrapped tradition. Simple and very nicely done.

Christmas Tree dotdotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

"O Christmas Tree" is treated with military drums and almost classical guitar. It's short and very nice.

Good King Wenceslas dotdotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

This is a fine trad version of "Good King Wenceslas." It's so perfectly surf, it makes you wonder if the good king was a longboarder! Very short, but very cool indeed.

Let It Snow dotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

It's amazing how easy it can be to convert antiquarian holiday slush into warm surf reverb. It's tracks like this that reinforce the extreme flexibility of the genre. Brief, but very satisfying.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen dotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

Often surfed up, from the Mermen to the Aquavelvets, this tune is a fine vehicle for this band's traditional sound. Nice interaction between twin lead guitars. Understated and most appealing.

Away In The Manger dotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

Almost a polka, "Away In The Manger" dribbles out double picked reverbed melody over playful percussion and solid bass. melodic and fluid, like December at Malibu. It closes with a surprise big ending.

Silent Night dotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

Soft and delicate, "Silent Night" floats out from a solo guitar quietly picked. But wait, there's more! Double picked guitar over rockin' bass and drums in a surf format, and then a quiet ending. Quite nice.

Carol Of The Bells dotdotdot
Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

Another of the often surfed classics, the Pyronauts make it shine as the two guitars counter each other and the bass floats. The drums are very interesting, dramatic and artful. One of the more interesting covers.