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Psychocharger - Curse Of The Psychodotdotdot
artworkThere are a couple of instros on this release, one pretty cool. You can probably imagine their sound from the CD art, but if not, it's psycho-space garage grunge surf and technopoliptic sludge horror. How's that for a description?
Picks: Channel 13 (With Unkle Pigors Of Toxic Toons), Welcome To Kreepsville

Track by Track Review

Channel 13 (With Unkle Pigors Of Toxic Toons) dotdotdot
Surf Horror (Instrumental)

In tribute to all those cheesy late night horror film shows, Psychocharger make dark and gloomy rock with a surf structure and grode tone. Relatively unchanging, with howling, moaning and screaming.

Welcome To Kreepsville dotdotdot
Surf Horror (Instrumental)

The wind howls in the distance before the tweaky keys pulse out a sequence cycling through a phase shift as it's panned around the soundscape. A little Hawkwind-ish, scream-drenched, dark, and compelling. The imagery is evil and dangerous, and the surf whammy chords that occasionally peak out from the dungeon are cool too. Kinda cool.