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Psicotropicos Deluxe - Demodotdotdot
artworkThis 2002 demo introduces Brazil's Psicotropicos Deluxe as a band born of punk with surf tendencies. Eight tracks that will please the punk in you when you are appreciative of garage sessions.
Picks: Quack Deluxe, Adoravel Facinora, Fuga em Sing-Sing, Chantagem, Whisky e Bala, Cemiterio de Baleias, Revolta dos Leucocitos, Apocalipse Climax

Track by Track Review

Quack Deluxe dotdotdot
Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

The duck call melody line is the thing that connects the title to the song. The backtrack is a jazzy little number that's simple and friendly. Clearly, this just happened in the studio. Pretty fun!

Adoravel Facinora dotdotdot
Surf Punk (Instrumental)

Heavy, dark, punk and metal, with very dirty, raspy and dangerous bass glissandos. "Adorable Criminal" is melodic in the sense that's it's more than just a progression, but this is way more punk than surf.

Fuga em Sing-Sing dotdotdot
Surf Punk (Instrumental)

On the surf side of surf punk, "Escape in Sing-Sing" double picked skate cruncher features some menacing guitar, and a couple of really long bass glissandos.

Chantagem, Whisky e Bala dotdotdot
Surf Punk (Instrumental)

Grating, dark guitar plays a metal classic riff with no apologies to Cream's take on "Cat Squirrel." Thick, punkoidal, and yet, kinda cute! "Blackmail, Whisky and Bala" is aggressive fun.

Cemiterio de Baleias dotdotdot
Surf Punk (Instrumental)

"Cemetery of Whales" is a heavy track with long Link Wray chords and a country punk beat. There are recognizable riffs that add a sense of familiarity.

Revolta dos Leucocitos dotdotdot
Surf Punk (Instrumental)

Dark, and approaching trashy, "Revolt of the Leukocytes" seems perhaps more melodic through its catchy main riff than most of the punkish tracks here, though it surely doesn't rise above riff rock.

Guarani dotdotdot
Surf Punk (Instrumental)

Slow tribal drums, long fuzz howls, and wonderfully thick tone lumber along until the punk beat licks in, at which time "Guarani" is more riffy and fun.

Apocalipse Climax dotdotdot
Surf Punk (Instrumental)

"Apocalypse Climax" is thick and boomy, with relentless spunk drums. It doesn't really get melodic, yet the riffs variations are quite musical. Verging on destructive.