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Power and Light - Blasteddotdotdot
artworkSan Francisco psychedelic instrumentalists Power and Light. produce guitar-keys-drums sonic assaults. Peter Brown, ex-Sidetrack plays guitar, with Jeremy Rexford - drums, and Scott Beyer - keys. This includes "Surfin' With Saddam." They are on an excursion into magical territory, looking for the source of all things. Their search is more the focus than music. Much of this is non-melodic flights of intense adventurer rock.
Picks: Rapid Descent, Whose Blues, The Stomp, Nu, Boddhisattva, Chaos Theory, Surfin' With Saddam

Track by Track Review

Rapid Descent dotdotdot
Psychedelic Rock (Instrumental)

Heavy psychedelic darkness, slightly evil, somewhat magical, and very big. Howling screaming guitars, thick layered sound, and metallic pomp. Not very melodic.

Whose Blues dotdotdot
Psychedelic Blues (Instrumental)

Blues progressions lay the groundwork for this jammin' powerhouse, like a post-Jimi inspired Kraut rock laced metal anthem. It's quite big, and layered with tones and sounds. Not very melodic.

The Stomp dotdotdot
Psychedelic Funk (Instrumental)

This is cool. It's a larger than life metallic flight launched from a Stax-Volt kinda riff, slightly funky and soulful. The arrangement is thick and screaming, and very jam-like. It's kinda like Metallica doing Booker T and the MG's.

Nu dotdotdot
Psychedelic Funk (Instrumental)

Big groove, guitar howl, funky keyboard bass lines, and flights of fancy. Not melodic, but very fine guitaristry.

Boddhisattva dotdotdot
Psychedelic Jazz (Instrumental)

Like a dark vision of jazz noodles, this screams and howls, wails and cries, and meanders around a thick foundation of power.

Chaos Theory dotdotdot
Psychedelic Rock (Instrumental)

Well titled, this chaotic piece is rife with screaming metallic guitar and powerful drums. The chaos is in part reflected by the lack of a melody. This meandering power rock.

Surfin' With Saddam dotdotdot
Thick Psychedelic Surf (Instrumental)

Major compressed psychedelic swirl progression rock, thundering percussion, huge sound, and over the top guitar driving. This is not exactly melodic, but it has a very magnetic quality to it. It's a good distance from the beach, yet it seems surfable, in some respects like Get Wet's classical surf. It's a totally intense experience. The double picked references to "Hava Nagila" are very cool.