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The Jancee Pornick Casino - Pravda - The Truth Aboutdotdotdotdot
artworkAside from two really strong instros, The Truth About is loaded with superb surf punkabilly vocals that are all about fun and energy. I like this CD a lot.
Picks: Land Of 1000 Babushkas, Trotzki's Last Margharita

Track by Track Review

Land Of 1000 Babushkas dotdotdotdot
Surf Punkabilly (Instrumental)

As the water laps the shore, The Jancee Pornick Casino plays a beautiful surf instro with an island sound. After a verse or so, however, "Land Of 1000 Babushkas" launches into a fast and bouncy good time romp that's catchy and cool. Great tone and production, fiery glissandos, totally cool drums, and great bass. The chorus is a cheesy addition that is nonetheless very infectious. This is a very fine track that's a lot of fun!

Trotzki's Last Margharita dotdotdotdot
Surf Punkabilly (Instrumental)

Great drums and bass bring forth great guitar work with glissandos and a bit of modern distortion that compliments the highly rhythmic beat. "Trotzki's Last Margharita" is all fun and bouncing energy with spirit and charm. The organ adds a bit of a combo feel, and the chorus is goofy, but not at all gimmicky. Very cool track!