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Roman Popov - 3 Melodiesdotdotdot
These three songs are unreleased originals from Russian guitarist Roman Popov. Rooted in the Shadows perhaps, but with the guts and edge of the blues and on the edge of surf. Very nicely recorded and arrange material.
Picks: Book-Keeper's Blues, Old Friends, Oh Tatiana!

Track by Track Review

Book-Keeper's Blues dotdotdot
Near Surf Blues (Instrumental)

I think "Book-Keeper's Blues" has a sort of John D. Loudermilk feel to it. It's a rich blues instro with a rolling soul and great piano work. Simply a very cool song with an attractive gate.

Old Friends dotdotdotdot
Near Surf Blues (Instrumental)

Shimmering with vibrato and rich tone, and augmented with tasteful piano, "Old Friends" is a very pretty song with a sense of drama like the Challengers used on their Around The World album. Very warm, with a sunset feel and beautiful guitar tone.

Oh Tatiana! dotdotdot
Near Surf Blues (Instrumental)

"Oh Tatiana!" is a celebrative song with cool sax honks and a blues at the cove sound. Liquid, cool, sultry, and anticipating play time with a new found friend. "Oh Tatiana!" is an attractive song with warmth and simple pleasures.