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Brian Pool - Big B's New Axdotdotdot
artworkBrian Pool, once founder and leader of the Torpedoes, has moved off to Iowa, where he's changed his style yet again. Gone are the hyper speed licks, replaced by moderately paced finger style guitar. The new style is a little folky, a little country, and a little flamenco. No surf, but some very pleasurable acoustic tracks.
Picks: Harvest, Pop-70, Kiss and Tell, Roll In Hell, Happy Holler

Track by Track Review

Harvest dotdotdot
Acoustic Guitar (Instrumental)

"Harvest" is a mid tempo number with the warmth of a John Fahey excursion. Delicate and almost wistful.

Pop-70 dotdotdotdot
Country (Instrumental)

Country twango and an Andy Griffith afternoon are portrayed against bass and drums for a very friendly trip. This is easily my fave here.

Kiss and Tell dotdotdotdot
Country (Instrumental)

More country twango flows from the guitar, spreading the joy of a warm afternoon just off the beach. A sense of the surf hides in the brush, but can still be felt in this very smooth and enjoyable track.

Roll In Hell dotdotdotdot
Acoustic Guitar (Instrumental)

This is a very interesting track. The chords and guitar lines are melodic and very disturbing. This is quite a feat for an acoustic guitar. There's a sense of forlorn and a frustrated hope for optimism. Lots going on here.

Happy Holler dotdotdot
Acoustic Guitar (Instrumental)

Out on the back forty lies a picnic ground called "Happy Holler" where speedy prancing and bug-eyed hollering are the norm.