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Los Plantronics - Mariachi Death Surfdotdotdot
artworkA couple of singles and tracks on the two Spaghetti volumes, and now finally a whole CD. Vocals include "Birddogging," and a splendid garagie version of Richard Berry's "Have Love Will Travel"
Picks: Stumblin' Guitars, Rasta Pasta, For A Few Dollars More, Per Engseth From Hernes aka The Rallycross Champion, Spanish Puta, Voodoo Astronaut, Glam-a-Billy WipeOut, Satan Stole My Surfboard, Purple Creepers, Malibu SS

Track by Track Review

Stumblin' Guitars dotdotdot
Heavy Rockabilly Surf (Instrumental)

Big guitar progressions, extra crunchy thunder, powerful edge and large ambiance. Lots of rockabilly riffology and thunder.

Rasta Pasta dotdotdotdot
Heavy Rockabilly Surf (Instrumental)

Melodic power jive, with a shimmering vibrato guitar and mariachi horn over reggae beat break that is just plain cool. Great pick slides, solid drive, great beat, and a very smooth power quotient.

For A Few Dollars More dotdotdotdot
Heavy Rockabilly Surf (Instrumental)

This is a great big guitar assault on the Enio Morricone theme, with saucy jaws' harp and a too-fun banjo, all over major crunch. Fuzzy, fluid, and way too fun. Excellent.

Per Engseth From Hernes aka The Rallycross Champion dotdotdot
Heavy Rockabilly Surf (Instrumental)

This sure sounds a lot like a tune I can't place at the moment, just way more crunchy. "Let's Go" drums, and crunch.

Spanish Puta dotdotdotdot
Heavy Rockabilly Surf (Instrumental)

"Spanish Puta" is a littler misty, fluid and Spanish feeling, with a liquid melody line and really nice lead work. The contrast between the lead and the fuzz second guitar provides an interesting contrast between the Mexican village scene and the industrialized tourist. Good augmentation with the horn, and a break delivered with well metered double picking. Even a hint of "Hernando's Hideaway." Excellent.

Voodoo Astronaut dotdotdot
Heavy Rockabilly Surf (Instrumental)

about thirty seconds of keyboard psycho warble introduces this big guitar extravaganza. The lead riff is unique, but not exactly melodic, but it is well supported by edgie almost nervous tone. Thick and heavy.

Glam-a-Billy WipeOut dotdotdot
Heavy Rockabilly Surf (Instrumental)

Big crunch in the Huevos Ranchero mold, chord progression dominated, and not melodic. More power and jive than smooth or cool.

Satan Stole My Surfboard dotdotdot
Heavy Rockabilly Surf (Instrumental)

An almost Hendixian chord progression, dark and evil, and moody. Discordant, thunderous, unnerving. The lead overlays in the midsection keep this afloat - and maybe ought to be the focus of the song.

Purple Creepers dotdotdot
Heavy Rockabilly Surf (Instrumental)

Stinging whammified extra crunch, like Eddie Angel fronting Agent Orange doing "Boss." Quite cool.

Malibu SS dotdotdot
Heavy Rockabilly Surf (Instrumental)

Mean chord progression rod-rock, much more crunch and chunk than melody. Very big, and driven, with great grimy glissandoes.