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The Pink Fairies - Finland Freakout 1971
artworkThe Pink Fairies were from Ladbroke Grove, descended serendipitously from freakbeat bands going back to 1963 and the R&B boom with Twink in Dane Stephens and the Deep Beats, The Fairies, and on through a long series of great, if obscure bands. The Pink Fairies knack for extreme intense music steeped real in rock'n'roll gave them a preeminent spot along with relatives Hawkwind in the punk garden. They are here because they wrote lyrics to and played "Walk Don't Run" in a way that predicted Agent Orange in some ways. This live recording, while a bit muddy, sure does show off who they were.

If you have any affection for punk and don't know about these guys, you need to find out fast. They set the stage in many ways, and were credited as an influence by early UK '77 punk bands, along with Hawkwind and American garage bands.
Picks: Walk Don't Run

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Walk Don't Run
Rock (Instrumental)

This is a glorious version of Johnny Smith's "Walk Don't Run" recorded between the first and second Pink Fairies albums. As with the studio release and demo before it, the lads break into new territory. Huge, noisy, compressed, intense, annoying, and wonderful. Live, they stretched it out to thirteen and a half minutes. Wow!